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Thread: Lines Friday
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I agree and I like Drouin when he plays with physicality and pace to his game. Drouin is probably our most skilled forward right now and I usually don't mind his "soft defense" and you are also right that KK lost a lot of the puck battles on that shift. I was not meaning to sound like it was ALL on Drouin but the fact that he couldn't take 2 steps to his right to get the puck really annoyed me. Hockey is a team sport and you don't lose on one single play, however the momentum of the game changes often throughout a game and this was one instance where it swung in the wrong direction for a very long time. Also proof that I was not picking on just Drouin is the fact that I sat out Weber, Perry, Staal and Byron as well. Byron was not horrible but he was not engaged either. I also demoted Edmundson (who I think had a bad game last night and really a bad week with the exception of the Leafs game). I also moved Suzuki to the wing cause he has been dying at center. I really did not like any of the forwards games last night, The D was just as bad only Kulak and Romanov seemed to be on their game really. Allen was also solid once again, but as usual we did not give him any goal support.</div></div>

I see your point, but I don't think the best way to go about this is to scratch or demote 5 or 6 vets - you would likely just lose the room because the effort and plays are their right now for at least half of those guys.

I think its a coaches job to get individuals going, and also their job to optimize their lineup so those individuals strengths are maximized and their weaknesses minimized. That is where Ducharme is failing IMO.
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Thread: Lines Friday
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Did you not see the play that got Romanov and Ouellet stuck on the ice for almost 2 minutes in the 1st period? KK was battling for the puck at the left of the net with a flames player Drouin was standing at the boards not 10 feet away. KK pokes the puck to the corner 5 feet from Drouin who just continues to stand there watching the flames player escape from KK and get the puck back to the point. IF Drouin had moved even 2 steps he would have beat the flame to the puck and gotten out of the zone a lot quicker but instead it took another 30-40 seconds of the 4 other Habs battling hard to get the puck out of the zone. When the puck did finally squirt out to center ice Drouin rushes off the ice like he was exhausted from battling. The flames then immediately turned the puck back up ice and once again Romanov and Ouellet were stuck on the ice. Finally Ouellet got the puck to Allen who froze it and they got a change. That 10-15 seconds of Drouin standing in the corner watching the puck battle 10 feet away without helping then not moving to pick up the puck 5 feet away is what earns him the benching IMO.

EDIT*** BTW I don't care what else he did in the game stranding 2 young D men on the ice for almost 2 minutes is unacceptable. IF I was the coach at that point in the game Drouin is benched!</div></div>

Drouin has his warts, I won't deny it and I will take your word for it that he was that bad in that play. I know the shift you were talking about and I actual believe KK was more of an issue, Oullet won several battles in the corner throughout that shift freeing the puck up for the supporting center to collect... however KK was not there for any of them, a flame was the first on the free puck each time. The C needs to be supporting the defense in the corners. KK did a fine job of collapsing in the middle but that's what leads to a long shift in your own end.

I'm not disputing what you say happened with Drouin - it probably did happen, but there are other issues as well Drouin can't be conveniently scapegoated for everything. If you are blaming the LW for defensive zone issues well then you're probably missing something else.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Simple. Because he isnt that good.

His only redeeming quality is transition. Literally nothing else.

Not physical.
Terrible shot.
No vision.
No hands.

Great mobility and great at getting the puck from his zone to the neutral zone. Once there though, has the creativity and scoring drive of Raitis Ivanans.</div></div>

"Isn't that good" leaves a lot up to the imagination when talking about a guy on waivers.

Mete is not a player who is directly involved in offense, but you cannot argue with the teams positive goal differential with him on the ice. He has never had a negative goal differential in any of his 4 seasons with MTL (and that is impressive because none of them have been playoff caliber teams). He actually has the best goal differential of any defenseman playing for MTL over those 4 years, +30. His transition skills are elite and that means good things for his teammates. His weaknesses and shortcomings are well known, but they can be overcome with right partner.

Mete and Weber were literally a top pair for MTL the year they missed the playoffs with 96 pts... the best season by MTL in the last 4 years. Seen this posted in the comments of the athletic today, Mete with Weber:
- 136 games, more than 1100 minutes
- Goals For: 50, Goals Against: 40
- High Danger Chances For: 256, Against 195
- More Dzone starts than Ozone

There is a narrative that Mete cannot defend, its just the eye test because it looks bad when he gets outmuscled. A player that couldn't defend would not have those numbers.

Mete needs a new opportunity. If he was in the AHL he could have been developed to run a powerplay and then he wouldn't just be considered an undersized D who has no offense.

The oilers are the best fit in the NHL for him IMO, his $735k cap hit fits perfectly. He played in London with Evan Bouchard and he would fit perfectly with Larsson.