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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 28 at 6:16
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 27 at 10:55
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMTD</b></div><div>Great analysis. You make a very good point, but so many teams are in the win now mode that they will jump at signing UFA if a GM thinks it put the team into the playoffs.
Just for fun, click on Okposo, then compare his current contract. Look at top 3 comparable: Lucic, Milan, Turris, Kyle and Horton, Nathan. While some do very well, Tavares and JVR come to mind, there are too many who do not.
I hope Betterall does not sign a big name UFA and continues to follow the steady progress path of trading with teams who want to deal (I.e. Anaheim and Carolina, Montour and Skinner).
It is too bad that the Sabres could not pick up Haula. He has a low cap, decent past performance and only had to give up a 5th (conditional) and a "C" prospect. I just noticed, I said Haula instead of Stastny in my comment above. LOL. I am going to correct it now.
On the other hand, unless at least 3 of Thompson, Olofsson, Nylander, Pilut, Mittelstadt, Ruotsalainen or Cozens (not likely), can perform at top six or second pairing NHL caliper, we will be a lottery team again and miss the playoffs.</div></div>

In my opinion, Botteril was the architect of the Penguins back to back runs. Once he left to go to Buffalo, Rutherturd (I know the misspelling but that should be his real name), has completely disregarded the game plan and used his dinosaur mentality of old time hockey in trying to revamp the teams identity into something that will not play to their strengths and prevent them from getting over the edge and back to champions. I wish Rutherturd would have retired and promoted Botteril. All Rutherturd has done is hand out hefty contracts to mid-tier players, trade away any and all assets trying to find that missing piece.

There's only a handful of FAs I would go after if there was any cap space to do so. The next Pens GM is gonna have his hands full and it's sad to say but in my opinion, I don't see the Penguins winning another championship in the Crosby/Malkin era. Too much damage control needs to be done and it will require losing a piece or two of the core.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 27 at 9:28
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMTD</b></div><div>There have been some very strange deals with cap dumps. Marleau and Miller at opposite ends of the spectrum. Marleau and a first? Wow, I thought at most it would take is a second or a middling prospect. Marleau has talent and was brought in to provide leadership to the Leafs. On the other hand, Miller's salary and production are out of sync. Helping Tampa by giving up a first for Miller is one that should get everyone upset.
While I agree, it is unlikely that this will get the job done, it is nice to dream. LOL

The trade favors Buffalo, I would love to get Miller and Stastny. I think it would take more than a 2nd and Nylander.

Yup, I would love to get both Miller and Haula for that.

Not even close in my mind either.</div></div>

I agree and to think the 1st w Marleau has set the new standard to what it will cost to dump salary. If VAN were giving up a 1st, they should have went after a different player and since TB needed cap relief, VAN could have used that to their advantage. Imagine what PIT has to give up to remove themselves from Johnson, Gubransson, Hornqvist and Bjugstad. I don't see how teams can continue to be contenders on a yearly basis by paying mid tier players and bottom 6 players monies that should given to your top 2 starting lines. Since when should a 20 goal scorer be paid almost 7m per year? It's insane.

Contracts should be performance based and bonuses paid should not reflect negatively towards the cap. The cap structure should allow a premium payment for players who have expired their RFA status and players entering and in their athletic primes. Once a player hits 31yrs of age, a new structure should be set to recognize the start of regression in performance and decline in abilities. By the time a players' "premium contract" has expired, said player should be financially secure enough to be able to live, save, etc. on the "regression contract". I'm not saying to pay an older player RFA money, but no way should they be making upwards of 10% of a teams total cap hit. There could be a clause set in, that if a player, once they hit 31 and has 2 or 3 years of declining numbers in a season, injuries exempt, their contract would be reworked to fit within a certain parameter. An example, if a player makes a base salary of 8m per year, played all 82 games and only put up 40 points when they used to average 70+ points in their prime years, they would get a base salary of 4m with performance bonuses. Spezza, Seabrook, Lucic, Ryan, Kesler, Erickson and even Toews to an extent, are all decent examples of bad contracts and payments on past performances. Paying certain players, especially role players based on past performance is bad business. Paying the "Stanley Cup Tax" on UFAs from most recent championships is also not wise. The CBA and NHL need to find a middle ground on how to handle the cap situation. Soon, players who deserve to be in the NHL won't be able to because they will price themselves out of the league and teams will consist of 2 solid lines of quality players and the bottom pairings will be nothing but sub-par players, RFAs and undrafted players.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 27 at 8:34
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hullabaloo86</b></div><div>Ok I’m happy with that feedback. At least your constructive and not outright abusive like the first guy.
If you take out Stastny for Eakins are we getting closer?</div></div>

Seriously? Abusive? If people can't handle being criticized then maybe they should just stay in their boxes. How will you ever handle the real world, a work atmosphere, human interactions, etc.? I absolutely can not stand these unwarranted sensitive snowflake types who play the victim card and cry wolf when spewing ridiculousness then gets corrected with logic. <strong>YOU</strong> made a silly AGM and I pointed out, with 2 (two) very distinct reasons as where you went wrong with it. <strong>YOU</strong> didn't like the response and decided to go in a complete different direction with it by trying to put the focus on me and hoping others would feel sorry for you instead of manning up and assuming the responsibility for your actions.

A normal response to my comment would have been something like...

1. How do you view the trades in terms of the player assessments I made?
2. How do you view the signings I made?
3. What would you have done differently?

Those three questions would have provoked a rational debate and we could have shared our thoughts and opinions on the subject in a mature manner. I would have answered those three questions if I were presented the opportunity instead of being labeled an abuser. Hopefully you see your errors in how you handled this situation and respond accordingly next time. If you would like to revisit this topic, I would gladly engage in dialog with you but if you are going to behave immaturely, I will not be interested in continuing this conversation any further.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 27 at 6:36
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