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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Dvorak under MSL was one of the highest PPG players and one of the best turn arounds outside Caufield.
People ****ting on him are gonna be surprised next year
But sure i was just pointing our your lack of up to date facts could see ARZ take advantage only exchanging their 2nd getting a 1st in return as MTL's 2nd goes un used in both deals

Even if you think Dvorak Sucks his Faceoff win rate alone is enough to get him a pick
It was for Plekky just before he washed out of the league having his contract terminated.
He got a 2nd and 2 prospects as he still won Faceoffs at a 55-57% win rate like Dvorak

Hanzal was injured when traded but made bank again cause of his faceoff ability
Dvorak his last year in ARZ finished 8th in NHL Faceoffs 1 spot ahead of Danault
Passing up on that show's you're on this site ironically as you ignore all the info it contains lol
17pts in 22 games to end the season after returning from IR under MSL for 211/364 faceoffs with a 72.5% Faceoff Win Rate.

I keep my Facts Relevent
Try keeping up as i even tried giving you an out on your comment
But you doubled down

I expect it from MTL fans as we're a big fanbase and 10% of us acting Dumb almost equals CBJ total Viewership
But fans outside MTL should know better then to buy into the French Media's hype
Dvorak did 1 word answer interviews with them and they hate him here so they've tried running him outta town
Rem Pitlick on the other hand scored less but is Gallagher level with Media Skills and they're lobbying for a long term contract for him

If it comes outta MTL
Question it 100% of the time is my advice</div></div>

I’m well aware of Dvorak’s stats, he’s a machine in the faceoff circle, he’s still not worth two 2’s to Arizona sorry bud. He’s a 3C on a contending team, which neither Arizona or Montreal are. I watched the dude play his entire career, I don’t need Montreal media to tell me the kind of player he is
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