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Thread: Leaf fans
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Thread: Leaf fans
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Well, whatever scorn gets heaped upon your head, I will share. From Toronto's perspective, this checks a lot of boxes: (1) Dumba is more valuable to the Maple Leafs in their current state than Nylander; (2) Toronto's need for a back-up goalie is well documented; (3) Donato is likely to be more productive on Toronto's third line than where he is now, and more valuable than Ceci is; and (4) Maple Leafs fans aren't going to vilify Dumba the way they did first to Nikita Zaitsev and now are doing to Ceci. Of course, there is the hurdle of a belief among a significant segment of Leafs Nation that Liljegren is the next Brett Pesce, and therefore untouchable, but I haven't bought into that yet. The only possible adjustment I could see being reasonable is substituting Toronto's 2020 second for Liljegren as a concession to that sentiment. And the trade works out well for both teams' cap situation. In short, really well done!!

Now for the invective from north of the border.</div></div>

Lol. I thought us Canadians were seen as polite by our southern neighbors? I get your point though - Leaf Nation has quite a different cultural identity than the nation of Canada.

I like the trade for the reasons you spelled out. But I'm kinda thinking that Dubas is pretty happy with this roster now that Keefe is coaching. And now that he is I'm really looking forward to what this team, and some players, look like over the next 20 games. Barrie looked like a completely different player the other night. Holl looked super solid to me, too.

I've been arguing for a while now that a d corps of Reilly, Muzzin, Barie, Dermott, Holl and Ceci isnt inherently bad when compared to other d groups from across the league.

There's no doubt that the leafs d could be improved. But they might not be god awful either - I'm really curious to see if some guys blossom under Keefe. I do think, though, that the d isn't so bad that Dubas would be compelled to part with Nylander. In fact, he's specifically one of the players I fully expect to take things to another level with Keefe as the coach.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leaflet</b></div><div>People repeat the same bits all over the place on social media: Babcock played a defensive style, Babcock wants a system where players wait for opponents to mess up, Babcock believed in an outdated style of play.

Not the case. It's the opposite. Babcock always preached an offensive style. He's the one who introduced the trademark North-South stretch pass system we used all these years, with Gardiner at QB. His "defensive system" had nothing conventional. He wanted players to put intense pressure along the boards to regain possession (read: puck chasing), by outnumbering the puck carrier, with the hope of generating fast counter-attacks. Instead of a more conservative, positional play.

We are the second worst defensive team in the league! If Babcock taught a defensive style, we would lose games 2-1. Not the case. The problem is, the defensive system was lacking in the first place, and he couldn't find a solution to it this year.

My guess: this run and gun system, with intense pressure on puck carriers, worked in the past because the lineup was more balanced. And we had players who had been trained with that system for years. They knew Gardiner would reach them with a pass if they cheated. Change the lineup, and new players are not used to that. They don't know where to go, make errors, which leads to silly looking goals.</div></div>

That's a pretty solid assessment, I think. I was of the thinking that he handcuffed the strength of team in favour of defense play. But your take makes alot of sense . They look lost out there so much this year. It'll be interesting to see how they look witt with Keefe in place
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Thread: Leafs fans
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Thread: Leafs fans
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Thread: Leafs fans
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