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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>So Regula is a PPG player in the OHL ....</strong>

<strong>Rookie Year</strong> (16 years old) = 53 GP / 5 PTS = <strong>0.09 PPG</strong>
<strong>Draft Year</strong> (17 years old) = 71 GP / 25 PTS = <strong>0.35 PPG</strong>
<strong>Draft + 1</strong> (18 years old) = 77 GP / 45 PTS = <strong>0.58 PPG</strong>
<strong>Draft + 2</strong> (19 years old) = 10 GP / 10 PTS = <strong>1.00 PPG</strong>

Does 10 points as an over-aged and over-sized defensemen make you a point per game player overnight?

He's playing on the London Knights with <strong>Ryan Merkley</strong>, <strong>Liam Foudy</strong> and <strong>Connor McMichael</strong> ... against kids.

Those guys are creating the offense not Regula.</div></div>

I think the previous post was missing the point a bit. I agree with you about the PPG stats. They really aren't that impressive. With that said...would it be the worst thing that he's not the one getting the points??? That's not why the Hawks traded for him. Even more to your point...He's played opposite of Bouchard, then Boqvist, now Merkley. How lucky can 1 guy get?!?! At this stage I'm not sure whether this is a positive or negative. He's still been getting the top pair roles 3 years running. He's still been getting a ton of impact minutes. The Hawks need another big man on the back end in their system. worth the risk, no?

***EDIT*** The knights did lose more talent than they gained though. Bouchard, Boqvist, Formenton all lost. Merkley added.
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