Trade Machine Proposals

Oct 15, 2017 at 3:03
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Mar 15, 2019 at 10:00
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Mar 31, 2017 at 5:42
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Nashville PredatorsToronto Maple Leafs
4 hours ago
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Toronto Maple LeafsEdmonton Oilers
9 hours ago
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Chicago BlackhawksBuffalo Sabres
20 hours ago
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Columbus Blue JacketsWinnipeg Jets
8 hours ago
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Columbus Blue JacketsWinnipeg Jets
8 hours ago
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Colorado AvalancheSt. Louis BluesTampa Bay Lightning
24 hours ago
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Colorado AvalancheTampa Bay LightningVancouver Canucks
21 hours ago
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Calgary FlamesBuffalo Sabres
17 hours ago
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Calgary FlamesFlorida PanthersSt. Louis Blues
6 hours ago
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Edmonton OilersTampa Bay LightningDetroit Red Wings
6 hours ago
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Toronto Maple LeafsLos Angeles Kings
Sun at 2:34 pm
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Toronto Maple LeafsLos Angeles Kings
Sun at 11:59 pm
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Toronto Maple LeafsCarolina Hurricanes
10 hours ago
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Colorado AvalancheBuffalo Sabres
Mon at 11:40 am
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Toronto Maple LeafsVancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks
Mon at 10:02 am
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Detroit Red WingsNew York RangersToronto Maple Leafs
Sun at 9:14 pm
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Vegas Golden KnightsWinnipeg Jets
Mon at 5:17 pm
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Chicago BlackhawksEdmonton Oilers
Mon at 4:36 pm
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Vancouver CanucksChicago BlackhawksArizona Coyotes
Mon at 4:22 pm
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Vancouver CanucksToronto Maple Leafs
Fri at 4:42 pm
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Detroit Red WingsWashington CapitalsToronto Maple Leafs
Thu at 1:19 pm
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Pittsburgh PenguinsMinnesota Wild
Mon at 1:28 pm
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Edmonton OilersOttawa Senators
Mon at 1:10 pm
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Colorado AvalancheMontreal Canadiens
Sun at 10:24 pm
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Montreal CanadiensEdmonton Oilers
Mon at 1:09 pm
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