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Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>I don't think Dallas is really overrated, Seguin had an atrocious playoffs (he was hurt I suppose lol) and they still reached the cup final. They're a more defensive team by nature, and score by committee with a lot of depth. I also think Gurianov and Heiskanen will continue to take steps forward. A rebound from Benn playing with some younger, more energetic guys wouldn't hurt, but isn't required to still be better than Columbus and Nashville (Florida has too many defensive question marks and a huge one in net and Chicago and Detroit are basically non-factors).

For the Canadian division, I'm kinda surprised Montreal is that far ahead of Vancouver and Winnipeg. Superstars talk in this league and Montreal's only superstar is Price (even Dallas had Khudobin, Heiskanen, and arguably Klinberg step up and play like superstars during their run, despite Seguin faltering and Benn just being above average). Petey+Hughes and Helle+most of Winnipeg's forwards will keep that close. I think all 3 have significant flaws (for Winnipeg it's bad defense, for Vancouver it's mediocre goaltending and overpaid mediocre depth, for Montreal it's a lack of elite talent anywhere, but especially up the middle) and will be a pretty close fight for 4th. Toronto and Calgary are more complete teams and I think they'll ultimately finish 1-2, and Edmonton did improve their depth, and their goaltending might be slightly better by default if they ride Koskinen (D still sucks though, arguably worse with Klefbom out and Barrie in). At the end of the day though, McDavid and Draisaitl are both guys that can decide to score 5 points at the drop of a hat on any given night, and that gamebreaking talent on two different lines will likely carry them in to the picture (especially if they decide to go crazy and win solo on separate nights lol). So to summarize, my only issue with this is that Montreal seems clearly ahead of Vancouver and Winnipeg, it's good that the latter two are tied, but Montreal is closer to them than Edmonton imo. I do have the Habs 4th still for the record.

As for the rest I'm inclined to mostly agree. MIN vs. SJS will be interesting but I also have MIN with a slight edge. NYR will put up a good fight, but NYI vs. PIT vs. WSH will be the real story, with Ovie and Sid simply refusing to miss the show. BOS regresses slightly, but still really good. Likely worse power play due to Krug leaving, but Smith helps their already pretty good depth and they still have elite goaltending and a pretty solid D core. COL, VGK, STL, TBL, CAR, PHI are cruising. ANA vs. LAK is really splitting hairs, but ANA has better D and an elite goalie, so I see them finishing 7th, but that's basically irrelevant, both are bottom 7 in the league again. CBJ vs. NSH will be interesting but NSH is still kind of in that murky middle, unless they get a big year out of Tolvanen or Granlund or something. FLA will be like NYR except in a less competitive division--hang around for a bit, fade unless Bob goes back to Vezina-calibre. BUF ahead of NJD because Hall+Eichel is better than anything NJD has right now. Hopefully Hughes starts gaining some confidence down there.</div></div>

For the record everything you said about Dallas made sense. I know COVID and everything messed with their season, but I'd like to take a little bit of credit for getting that one right