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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 11:22 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>LMAO!!! The difference in Matthews and McDavid is NOT just draft picks. McDavid is a generational talent, Matthews is at best a Franchise player. McDavid had 372 points in his first 4 seasons compared to Matthews 285 a difference of almost 100 points. Matthews does edge McDavid in goals over those first 4 seasons (Matthews 158 McDavid 128) however look at the PPG 1.01 Matthews and 1.28 McDavid. I would say MCDavid is far and away worth more than Matthews + Picks so unless you throw in 2 or 3 1sts which is worth more than Marner you have to add Marner to the deal for just McDavid. Draisaitl is also a Franchise player and has the same value as Matthews not Tavares.

Draisaitl is on the same level as Matthews. You could argue Draisaitl for Matthews 1 for 1, RNH for Marner 1 for 1 but that still leaves you with Tavares for McDavid which means you have to add more than just picks. Probably Reilly and Nylander like I said. That is without taking into account contracts as well.

You cannot set a value of a player without also taking into account their cap hit. That simply just isn't how it works, cap hit is a major part of player evaluation.

BTW, I am a Habs fan, second favorite team is the Avs then the Leafs. I was actually hoping the Leafs made the playoffs this year and made a deep run cause my father was a Leafs fan and he just passed 2 years ago. I don't hate the Leafs, Matthews, Marner or Tavares. I just have a more objective point of view, which you clearly don't like.</div></div>

My original post said Value wise was good but the cap makes it lopsided. So I am only talking about player vs player in a hockey sense

McDavid is a generational player agreed
Matthews can be argued is also a generational player but Lets stick to franchise player
Tavares and Draisaitl would also fall into the franchise player

RNH (0.73 PPG)is not equal to Marner(0.97PPG) I would say the difference in them is grater than McDavid and Matthews

so in the end EDM gets 3 of the best players in the NHL and TOR gets only 2 back with RNH who i would not even consider a superstar
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