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WPG Trade should be:
- From EDM: Russell and Larsson
- From WPG: Copp and Fourth Round Pick

While WPG is in desperate need of d-men, Larsson isn't good enough to get Copp. Toss in Russell and top up the return with a mid/late round pick. Increase the likelihood of getting this done if you make the trade after July 1st, 2020 (Russell will receive is final signing bonus on July 1st from EDM; following that, while his cap hit may be $4.0MM, he'll only be owed $1.5MM in salary from WPG). I wouldn't worry about his NMC, EDM fans will do what they do best and easily turn on him and drive him out of the city.

Chiasson Trade should be:
- From EDM: Chiasson
- From anyone: Third Round Pick or hold on to him

Markstrom Signing:
- Not happening. He's way to good to sign at that amount. I suspect there is a competent back-up you can sign for $2.0MM though...

Bear Signing:
- Comparables point to 2 or 3 three years (likely 2) at min $3.0MM.

Benning Signing:
- While I think he's worth less (maybe $0.5MM less), I think he's worth more to the Oilers in a trade (either to sweeten a deal for a team or on a stand alone trade for a pick).

Granlund Signing:
- He's been crap, better to bring in Sheahan for similar amount. Sheahan is also better than Marody IMO.

Nygard Singing:
- I would resign him for $1.0MM as insurance for Yamo. If Yamo doesn't appear ready to step up into a third line, we can send him (and his cap hit) back to the AHL and slot Nygard in. If Yamo's ready, we can try sending Nygard (and his cap hit) to the minors, or lose him on waivers; not a big deal either way.
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