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Thread: Playoffs
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>i confused how you think it is too much, pasta is literally what holtz is supposed to become. But they key word is "supposed", Boston is still betting on holtz and whoever that 1st rd pick is to pan out.
Pasta most likely would be a sign and trade so their goes any thought of getting him in UFA, Pasta could most likely bring in an eichel like return
1. Pasta has been more consistent then eichel
2. Pasta will be coming at a much cheaper AAV then eichel
3. Pasta isn't coming off an injury that really no one knows how he will rebound/recover
4. Pasta isn't begging his team to trade him
Lets be honest we all expected buffalo to get a much bigger haul for Eichel but because of those 4 reasons i listed above Buffalo only got about 3/4 value of what eichel once was so i don't see why Pasta couldn't get similiar of more value. Pasta just proved he can score 40 goals whether top C's like Bergeron or Krecji are centering him or 3C's like Haula is centering him, he took a huge downgrade in linemates from Marchand and Bergeron to Hall and Haula yet his production stayed almost the same. he's been on pace for - 30 goals 6 years in a row - 40 goals in 3 years and - 50 goals 1 year. Now what do you think he would do with Players like Hughes and Bratt who are both elite playdrivers and playmakers, i wouldn't be surprised if pasta became a consistent 45-55 goal scorer maybe even hitting 60 one year if him hughes and bratt really click</div></div>

Agree with a lot of what you said here, but this package is pretty close in value to the Eichel trade.
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