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Feb 21, 2017
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Aug 22, 1997
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>g0rd0l0c0</b></div><div>What would make it work then? Is this from a Dallas fan “we need to keep our precious players that we drafted” usual bs. Really everyone really overrates their favorite teams players and future draft picks.

Or is it and underpay for Columbus in your opinion? Add Mavrik Bourque or Adam Mascherin or another prospect? What is enough to trade up in the draft? Or you a Stars fan that overvalues players because they were drafted here? Columbus might need a RD if Jones leaves and they could have the chance to extend Klingberg. Gurianov is a decent middle of the lineup forward can play power play. With the cap situation Dallas really needs to start looking for a long term solution that isn’t giving Klingberg a deal like Miro. It also helps I don’t personally care for Klingberg’s half ass defending and Gurianov doing his usual.

From my perspective really big on Clarke, lots of good defense in this draft but mostly lefty in the next ok Righty is Ceulemans who is probably a lower chance of success and more of a long term development. Clarke I think could make the NHL after he finishes his Junior career in a couple years then he’s on an ELC long past Benn, Faksa and Lindell’s contracts expiring. Where as Klingberg really messes up the cap flexibility if they keep him beyond this season.</div></div>

its bad cause the draft is mediocre u give up a decent middle 6 forward and a top 2 dman to move up like 7 spots its so unbelievably bad its not even being biased i wouldnt do this trade if im the washington capitals if they had similar pieces i wouldnt do it if im philly or chicago all teams i hate its a terrible trade