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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rktkt66</b></div><div>I applaud the level-headed approach of mapping out the homegrown approach (as that does seem the way Adams and Sabres intend to build their roster now and in the future) but, seeing as your lineup is for the 2024-25 season, I do question:
- Okposo, for all of his leadership qualities, still playing in 3 years - he's 34 now with a history of health issues. My gut feeling is he finishes out his contract this coming season, plays 1 more after on a 1-year extension and then retires.
- Unless there's another pandemic in 3 years, the taxi squad won't exist.
- Mittelstadt is still an uproven enigma at this point but he doesn't seem destined to still be around in 3 years - even moreso if he can't make the roster and be a taxi squad player.
- Hard to also see Ruotsalainen (who's up in the air this summer if he'll get the kind of extension he'd want or if Granato will even give him a chance vs being AHL bound again) or Fitzgerald being in the organization in 3 years.
- Bryson seems likely to become a trade chip at some point - which would be sooner than 3 years if Johnson does actually sign with Buffalo before next year.
- It'd be a novel concept and all 3 are still likely to be in the organization in 3 years but the odds of Skinner-Thompson-Tuch still being on same line would be very rare.
- Purely speculation based on his limited stint in NHL thus far but if Samuelsson plays this coming season like he did last season, he's going to warrant a new deal closer to $4M than the $2.5M bridge deal you suggested.
- Also just a gut feeling but I suspect Krebs will be on either the 1st or 2nd line in 3 years and bigger point producer (albeit heavier on the assists than in goals) than many give him credit for being capable of.</div></div>

I don't disagree with any of your points. I think they all make sense. I think the most obvious is Okposo, that was clearly an oversight on my part. Buffalo is going to need a winger with some grit and size to replace what Okposo brings to the table for that fourth line. I would love to see Samuelsson continue his growth trend and get a better deal. The potential of this defense is probably the most exciting part. This forest of fast, 6 foot plus, scoring defensemen could be punishing to most opponents in the very near future if we can get the net in order. The taxi squad is more about showing who's next in the pipeline.
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