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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Priyce</b></div><div>That is way too expensive for PLD even in normal circumstances. You are overvaluing him by way too much.

That's basically 4 x 1st RD picks in the 1st Rounders, Roy (would have been one this year) and Dvorak which costs a 1st.
Then there's Dadonov who can fetch a good amount at the TDL.

That's a massive haul for PLD, who, although young, still has yet to accomplish much of anything in this league. Eclipsed 60 points twice in his 4 year NHL career. Suzuki has done better and I doubt you'd trade all that for Suzuki. Let's calm down a bit.</div></div>

Roy isn't a 1st round pick and Dvorak most certainly isn't a 1st round pick no matter what montreal past GM paid for him. AT his price point good luck getting even a 2nd for dvorak. Oh and that panther pick will be what 28-32? Also much closer to value to a 2nd round pick. Go online google draft pick value, prospect values do some research and just don't be a Homer for the team.

Lets actually look at the pieces and there value using GSAA;
Dubois if traded today likely signs a 8yr deal in montreal meaning his GSAA over that time is around 16.
Montreal 1st lets say it becomes the 5th OV worth around 8.2 GSAA
florida 1st lets say its the 28th OV is worth around 3.1 GSAA
Dvorak over the next 3 yrs of his contract is around 2.5 GSAA
Dadanov is a cap dump to make salary work 0 GSAA (feel free to take him out of the trade)
So Roy to make of the rest of the value has to be worth around 2.2 GVAA which is around the 39th OV pick

It really is about what Dubois is worth.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 18, 2022 at 9:32 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>PLD is now making moves to leave after not electing for arbitration. He's open to offer sheets now. He's persona non grata in Winnipeg.
The idea that the Jets can just wait, simply isn't a solution, it's an option but an extremely bad option.

Just look at Jeff Petry. Almost every Habs fan realized they could have gotten more for Petry at the 2023 TDL or next offseason with more cap space available to teams with cap space accruing over time.
The problem was the trickle down effect on the players in Montreal and the distraction it creates.
Petry left for pennies on the dollar and many Habs fans expected it. I said it over and over. In a different situation Petry as a top15 RHD would require a 1st, prospect and roster player but I had ACGMs giving him away for late picks, notably a 2nd and a 3rd.

PLD isnt going to get fair value and he's a needless distraction to the team. Waiting for the right offer doesnt seem like a prudent solution when he's making his dissatisfaction loudly known.Treating a player that badly that is makiing it know he wants out will also not endear the Jets to other possible free agents or players that are thinking of playing for the the Jets.

The Jets dont have to trade him to Montreal but the louder this dissatisfaction grows, the more chaos it will cause over the Jets organization. Any self respecting Jets fan that has pride in their organization should be anxious to get rid of PLD even if it means making a bad decision today for better business down the road.</div></div>

PLD really hurt his rep leaving CBJ. He has finally started to repair that rep but if he doesn't play well and is a problem in the dressing room all that work he did... done. Also PLD hasn't handled the media pressure well. Montreal media will eat him alive if his play is Meh. I like PLD as a player I think Montreal is one of the worst spots for him to play.