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Long-time armchair GM. Hundreds if not thousands of hours playing NHL franchise mode and speculating future roster moves for favorite NHL teams.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>battadan</b></div><div>Keith is pretty good.. ha. <strong>im not to worries about winning games after the TDL this year. lets be in the top 5 for the draft.</strong>

bowman then has the whole summer to build around keith, murphy, Boqvist, seabs (kinda).

<strong>also you have to assume a couple prospects will make the jump</strong>: guilbert, beaudin,regula, holm at least 1-2 of them will be up i hope.

so no i dont think it is dire to keep the dmen we have for next year.

yes there are one hit wonders but there are more great players that have 1 bad year, then go back to productive. i still like the way he is playing, he is getting such great opportunities, that im not worries, it will click eventually this year. <strong>if not he will be damn motivated to come out blazing next year</strong>.</div></div>

Yes, it's not about winning this year but we need to keep the players that are going to help us win for next season and beyond. Koekkoek can do that and it's not like he's 32. He could stick around for a rebuild. Ya he takes a roster spot but he can be a solid 7th D-man which this team could use next season. Tanking for a lottery is overrated imo unless the team is in the bottom 3-5 which we're not. I'd rather the team finish with good energy to give them confidence heading into next season.

I hope Beaudin, Krys or others make the jump next season on our blueline. It's time to slowly drip these players into the lineup. We're facing cap troubles for the foreseeable future so this is the easiest way to get around that.

Friend told me early this season that Debrincat's one-timer cant even hit the net. I told him give him some time and it will come. Well it's almost the end of the season and Cat is hitting the net, just alot of the shots are perimeter shots or into the goalies crest. I've lost my patience with him now because he's a liability defensively and struggles to win board and net battles. Let's hope he be guns blazing again because it's not looking good for him or the Hawks.
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