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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>This issue with this isn't about how good Tychonick can be. He might be great. The issue is that this probably isn't what the Hawks would be looking for. The Hawks right now have (3) guys that THEY believe are NHLers that are on the 1st year of the ELC or about to start. We can argue whether they are or not, but the Hawks believe they have this more so than a true top 6 winger.

Just talking out loud. Maybe it's too much...maybe not. You tell me.

Strome and Koekkoek (I'll explain) - Tierney, Shane Pinto, OTT 2nd. I do think that's ALOT to ask for. BUT it's not too far off of <a href="/users/Claesson4Norris" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Claesson4Norris</a> comment of Tierney, Tychonick, and a 2nd.

Strome is the prize in the trade. Not sure I need to explain more on him.

Koekkoek can be a very serviceable Dman that's cost controlled. He played really well for the Hawks last year and was stuck in TBL's defensive backlog for years. He never had a real chance despite being drafted #10 OA. OTT can take advantage of this situation because CHI needs to shed the number of Dmen they have. They want to give Ian Mitchell a TRUE shot at the NHL. That's how they'll get him to sign.

Tierney - is a lower ceiling version of Strome. He'd be the Hawks true #3C. does a good job at the dot and hopefully he'll sign a longer term deal for a reasonable contract. Otherwise it'll be arbitration and then a UFA. I hope it wouldn't come to that, but that's the downside of Tierney....leaving...

Shane Pinto - I think you've heard me on this band wagon already. I don't think he signs with OTT. That's my opinion. Sorry. It really doesn't have anything negative to do with OTT. It's all about...How many STUD prospects does OTT have? LOTS. Oh and (3) 1sts. If I'm Shane quickest path to the NHL is likely NOT going through Belleville. Fighting against all those other 1st rounders. It's likely putting my career into my own hands.

OTT 2nd - It clearly could be a different pick. It's just that (7) picks in the 1st (2) rounders. Wow that's incredible. OTT should try to use some of these in a trade @ the Draft. Picks are a premium at the draft. Players a premium @ the TDL. If you keep trading the appropriate pieces when they're at the "high" you should win in the long run.</div></div>

I'm not trading Pinto at this point. I think he's going to find a spot for a long time in Ottawa.

I disagree entirely with your assessment that free agency is the quickest path to the NHL. that would mean he's three years at UND before that's even an option. Whereas in Ottawa, he's one more year max before he's turning pro, He might even go pro this summer, though I doubt it. By the time he turns pro as free agent, he could already be off of his ELC in Ottawa.

Also in terms of the Strome trade, I don't think it's smart to give one of our top prospects. I would rather trade one of our less valuable prospects, and add a 3rd or something if needed.

Tierney, Abramov and a 2nd and 3rd?

Also I like koekkoek (his cousin was my math teacher lol) but he's not more than a 7th d in Ottawa.
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