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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>I never really understood what the value of a Top 10 pick is.

Let alone one in the Top 5.

Especially since the value varies from one draft to the next.

Maybe someone who would know more than me could explain in a way that is somewhat helpful.

Like yourself.

And I wouldn't make a post like this one or the last one ever again.

What do you say?</div></div>

Trading up in the draft is just an inherently losing proposition. From a value perspective, it's basically always better to be the team moving back vs moving up because the real world cost is always more than the projected increase in pick value. There have been a lot of interesting articles written by sports blogs on the subject going back as far as like 2011. Think the Leafs nation blog have a couple.

As far as the specific pieces in question, I think you're really undestimating the value of a Top drafted and semi developed prospect vs the mystery box. For example Jake Sanderson, who was arguably the best player not in the NHL this year is probably as valuable or more valuable than a 1st overall pick. He's a true top prospect who is about to jump into a significant role in the NHL next year. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

To put it in terms of players, the gap between a Cooley and say Lekkerimaki is nowhere near the difference of having Greig and Sanderson.

Also you should make whatever posts you want haha. I disagree with the values on these deals, but I wasn't intending to discourage you from posting or anything lol