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Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 30 at 4:18 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>johum7</b></div><div>I'd argue having the extra 8 million in cap space is more useful to the team than having Hayes and Atkinson take up roster spots from the younger guys coming up. It's not ideal, but paying a 3rd line center 7 million and a decent 2nd line winger nearly 6 million is a huge reason why this team is stuck in neutral</div></div>

It could.... be more useful. Strome and Nichushkin are replacing Hayes and Atkinson in your scenario so they're now blocking the young players that are apparently not coming for their jobs. As you might be aware, the Flyers actually have no actual center in the system coming for Hayes' job. They currently do not even have a viable #2 NHL center. The Flyers are now in theory paying Strome essentially 9.142857 and they're Nichushkin $6.875 million. They also took in salary for Debrusk, who is subsequently traded for 2 seconds, Forbort an overpaid 3rd pair defenseman for the Flyers, and a 1st round pick. I see a lot of wasted cap space presently and in the future as Stome is essentially a reset button on the Hayes contract. Atkinson is a 30 goal 30 assist player. The Flyers are paying more for the right to lose him and have Nichushkin, why? Not to mention your pricing of JVR to be traded as a clean salary to Arizona with no retention is rather cheap. It'll cost the Flyers easily one of those 2nd round picks and that in and of itself pretty much negates the benefit of your trades. Making changes just to make changes is never a good idea.

You made a better 3rd D pair possibly but mostly just created a blocking path for Attard and York in my opinion and you also acquired more draft capital which is a good thing. The expense of that is a team that is effectively the same paying a lot more in salary cap space to maintain their current position.
Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 30 at 2:48 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlackwoodForVezina</b></div><div>Lol Arizona paying for JVR</div></div>

I'd say getting a 20 goal scorer for only an additional $1.5 million in cap is a pretty valuable asset to acquire. They're getting a $7 million cap hit, which is actually only $5 million in salary in JVR. He's also still a 20 goal scorer and productive Power Play player in the right system. They're shipping out Ladd who is at best a 4th liner or more likely an AHL player at his $5.5 million Cap Hit that pays him $ 4 million. If this trade happens before July 1st Arizona can save $2 million in signing bonus money as well. The Flyers have the cap space to scratch JVR if necessary but the best result is a trade for the player and Arizona actually makes sense. This is a cap trade and hockey trade rolled into one. Arizona saves money, gets a higher cap hit, and gets a player they can use and likely dangle for an asset at the trade deadline or earlier if they so choose.

Ladd's issue is he's an aging, injury prone broken down player with a large contract.

JVR's issue is he's not a major producer for a team but has a salary that says he should be. If you need him to score 20, he will. If you need him to score 30, he'll score 20. If you have a good lineup and only count on him for 15 to 20, he could score 30. He's a healthy player and far from a trash player. If his cap hit was $2 to $3 million most teams would gladly be interested in him. The frustration with him is that he seems like he could be so much better than he is. But at this stage he is what he is. He seems content with that and he'll get a next contact that resembles more of how teams value his actual performance rather than his potential.
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