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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>I'm actually not a Canuck fan at all. "TrueCanuck" means True Canadian..

But again, it makes no sense to trade away something that you need if you don't already have an upgrade. Philadelphia doesn't have anything better than JVR to score if they lose him. There's nothing available on the free agency market that's an improvement on him either. When you're a team that's struggling to score, special teams is key. &amp; again with JVR having 26% of the Flyers' powerplay goals this year, that's exttremely valuable to them. That's why he was signed in the first place. Philadelphia knew exactly what they were getting in him, a powerplay specialist that has defensive woes. That was no secret to anyone. I highly doubt they throw him away for nothing knowing that he's done exactly what they brought him in for.

I understand your point about cap space, but it just doesn't have logic here. You don't give away your best powerplay guy on a team that struggles to score and use that cap space to sign defence. That's not solving the scoring issue at all. I could see it very more likely where Voracek is dealt to another team in the off-season, but I just can't see Philadelphia losing JVR when he's done exactly what he was supposed to do.

Guess we'll just agree to disagree from here.</div></div>

JVR was a stop gap player signed to help boost fan base support that they were going for it while they waited for younger players to develop. Now he's a 3rd line PP specialist that makes $7 million per year. There's no justification for trying to keep him.
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Thread: Big Changes
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DirtyDangles</b></div><div>How can you determine their ceilings already? At this point i'd love to hear how you think Sanheim still has a ceiling of a #1 or #2 D man. Draft positions mean absolutely fk all when you are 22-25</div></div>

Professional Scouts watch these players at a young age and not one saw enough in Myers to take him in the NHL draft. With his size and the all important Right Handed Defenseman they still all passed. You're allowed to be bullish on Myers and you should be as a Flyers fan just like the team is on him. However, it's also important to be realistic and not overvalue him. He didn't go undrafted to suddenly a make or break piece in a Seth Jones level trade. It's foolish to think you're suddenly outsmarting everyone for a superstar level talent. He exceeded expectations got an NHL contract and even made the team. He performed well as a rookie as a #4. He's in 2nd year and has not performed well enough to be a #6 on a team with severe lack of RHD. The undrafted prospect stigma and his poor performance this year state a lot about what his floor could be. The team prefers to play more LHD than to play a RHD available to them. Myers showed last year when paired with Sanheim as a second pairing he's capable of being a #4. This year he was asked to be a first pairing RHD and did not succeed nor has he been able to revert to his #4 pairing status. I believe and hope he's having a sophomore slump. That being said, I hope he can get back to being a #4 but I'll settle for him being on the 3rd pair consistently. I do not believe he's a top pairing defenseman on a quality NHL team when he's playing his best game.

Sanheim and York will be in an NHL lineup top 6. That's their floor, which should be expected of a 1st round pick. They have a ceiling that says they can be a #1 potentially but mostly like a #2 defenseman.
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