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Bro, you put a lot of thought into this. My 2 cents would be to consider the playing styles of the forwards and try to optimize skillsets that could work well together I like a Stastny, Dubois, Ehlers trio for my first look. Dubois is a powerful dude who can go to the net and cause chaos, he is hard on the wall, skates extremely well and has a great shot release. This IMO would mesh well with the zone entry machine that is Nik Ehlers and the wicked smart Paul Stastny. I envision 27 swirling around the O zone playing catch with 25 while 80 commands attention in front of the net. I realize this leaves us with 81, 55 and 26 as a Line 1B but I also see the Jets concentrating on deploying more of a 5 man unit which should cover up some of the defensive deficiencies.
I'm not convinced Ves is the best option on the 3rd line as the players that have succeeded in that slot have been burners that fore check deep and hard (Tanev and Appleton). KV is not that! Lowry is fast but not quick and Copp is average all around. I'm hopeful for Svechnikov but would rather see a Harkins get a shot here. Vesalainen and Gustafsson showed some great chemistry with the Moose previously!
As for D pairs i agree they gotta go Pionk and Dillon as the top pair with Morrisey and Demelo followed by Schmidt and Stanley. Nate will get his minutes on the power play and you can shorten the bench in tighter games. He struggled last year in Van and I think he needs to prove that was an anomaly first! I believe he can return to his all star Vegas form but...
Go Jets go!
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Thread: Expansion
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>Appleton totally is a powerforward. He’s still developing but he’s a young powerforward, no doubt about that. He drives hard to the net, plays the body, plays hard along the boards, etc, which are all qualities of a powerforward.

I think the lesson the jets learnt (contrary to other teams) is that they should be making another move with Seattle to protect the guys they need to. Tbh, I’m not much of a demelo fan so I’m guilty there and I think that if the jets can move him and get a different guy in FA they should.

Keep in mind, the jets aren’t moving the first for nothing, which is why demelo is there. They are getting an early 2nd back in my proposal. I think that moving down 10 spots, losing demelo (who some people value way more than I do in closing jets management), and a guy who likely won’t be playing much anyway (niku of harkins) to protect you backup and your 3 rw is great.

As for berdin, why wouldn’t Seattle take him? He’s the perfect guy to market, he has starter upside, he’s nhl ready, he’s young. He could become their franchise goaltender (just potential, I personally think berdin will be a good 1B). If I’m Seattle and the jets leave Appleton, harkins, niku, Stanley/demelo, berdin exposed, my list goes appleton, berdin, Stanley/demelo and then on. berdin comes right after Appleton because I think Seattle probably thinks there’s a chance Appleton can be a top 6 guy. There aren’t a lot of options like berdin to choose around the nhl. He will be very attractive to Seattle if he isn’t at the top of the list already.</div></div>

My friend, I appreciate your opinions, we must agree to disagree. Imo Appleton is not a power forward, Adam Lowry is a power forward, PLD is a power forward, Ryan Reaves is a power forward... Jets are very thin on the right side of the blue line. It’s Pionk and Poolman. That’s it! The next guys up are Nogier and Niku! That’s scary. There aren’t even any decent prospects in the organization. It would be much easier to find a 3RW to replace Appleton than it would to replace Demelo who is tbh the Jets best defender.
There are plenty of better goaltending options for Seattle, Khudobin, Raanta, Subban to name a few. They could even sign Brossoit as a UFA.
It’s too much.
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Thread: Expansion
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>Yes, but you risk losing either one of them without that trade. The jets also didn’t trade completely out of the first. It’s 10 spots. Let’s calm down here. I think it was a good trade and it worked out for the jest. The likely good the jest make it to the WCF without either fo them isn’t high. The jets’ strength that year was defence, not depth at forward or elite goaltending like it is now (though hellebuyck was excellent). I’m not so sure they make it without either. It’s much harder at least and for that reason, it was a good move.

I’m not saying that Lowry isn’t good, sorry if that came across like that. All I’m saying is that Lowry has missed a power forward next to him since armia was moved. Without that player, Lowry isn’t nearly as productive. Appleton and no one else is that player for the jets. The jest biggest strength this year is depth, I’m not sure we talk about that depth nearly as much without Appleton.

It’s also to stay off berdin. Brossiot is as good as gone and berdin is our next best bet (even after looking in FA for the price). I just think all those factors considered, the first is worth moving in a not so deep draft</div></div>

Oh man, love the passion! Appleton is NOT a power forward. I never said it wasn’t a good move, it absolutely seemed to be at the time! I’m saying in hind sight Nick Suzuki would look pretty good in Aviator blue!
It’s just to much to give up. Learn the lesson, They will lose a player, that’s the point. I’d rather lose one forward (you say yourself it’s the strength of the team) and keep the solid RHD in Demelo, whatever other asset you would lose (Harkins) and the higher pick. They are not taking Berdin. If it’s maybe a second and a deal that they take Harkins or Niku I’m ok with that but your proposal is a lot!
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