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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>Benning can legit play 2RD. Instead, you've got a raw rookie in that position, backed up by another raw rookie at 3RD, backed up by another rookie at 4RD. You'd be far ahead if you kept Benning and promoted Yamamoto or the 8th pick (who did you pick, BTW?) to the NHL roster. Heck, even having Maksimov in the NHL would probably be better than the Brown trade.

Please point to similar actual trades that have occurred in the NHL where a young 2/3 RD gets traded for an overpaid, underperforming bottom-6 winger.</div></div>

Benning is a number 5/6 dman as it stands right now. He is not great in his own zone and I’d argue Jones has much more upside than him. They wouldn’t be any better off if they had him there instead of Caleb Jones, minus the fact he shoots right. They need more wingers and Connor Brown is a decent gamble. If you want to omit the added pieces, then sure. I see no reason to gift Yamamoto a spot. He has shown nothing that proves he can play capable minute in the NHL. He hasn’t even produced in the AHL or been able to stay healthy. And Maksimov is much more of a raw rookie than Jones or Bear, as both have actual NHL experience. Brown has actually produced in the past. So I’m not sure how you can argue that a player with zero PRO, nevermind NHL experience would be a better bet. I’m not saying the D core is great by any means. But having depth at that position allows Edm to switch in and or between Persson, Jones, Bear, Bouchard, while having - a good core of vets in Klef, Nurse, Larsson and sekera.
Btw id want the Oilers to draft in order of Zegras, Dach, Caufield, Cozens. Depending on who is available.