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Thread: Sabres
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rktkt66</b></div><div>Not unrealistic but I wonder if the Sabres do end up trading for someone that will need a long-term extension of another 7-8 years at big cap hit, is it smarter to target someone younger like Hanifin (26) over someone like Pesce (28) or Toews (29). Both are solid proven to 4 defenders and played under Granato at USNTDP; obviously, Pesce's RHD natural side looks nice on paper but we've learned that neither Granato nor Adams place much emphasis on a defenseman's handedness. If Power can adjust to RH side, Hanifin as his partner is probably more of a 2A/2B pairing where neither is just an offensive rover or defensive stay-at-home type. Pesce would likely be a little more conservative offensively like Samuelsson's role next to Dahlin is.

Rumors are both players are on Sabres' radar - and, with latest report that Hanifin has apparently told the Flames he won't extend with them, while Pesce said he'd like to stay in Carolina, it could play out in Buffalo's favor. The package would probably be similar to what you proposed for Pesce - I'd be more comfortable in Hanifin contributing at the end of a 7 or 8 year deal than I would with Pesce.</div></div>
I'm not sure yet that they want Power to play on RD. Maybe four lds in the top 4 is no problem for them and Adams was trying to trade for Chychrun, but Chychrun does have a lot of experience playing the RD. Hanifin doesn't seem to play RD or doesn't play very well.

Perhaps it would be pairs:

Hanifin - Dahlin
Power - Samuelsson

In principle, this is not a problem for me, Hanifin would also be a good target. Although I would be very happy with Pesce or Toews.
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