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Forum: Armchair-GMApr 23, 2018 at 2:32
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>DeBrincat and Toews are barely enough to fetch Draisaitl+Benning. Why is Edmonton also adding Yamamoto and a 1st? Why is Berra getting so much money and term too? Did I miss something or is he all of a sudden rolling Vezina numbers in whatever league he played in this past season? Why is Samorukov the #7 guy when he's still eligible to play in junior for another season? What's wrong with having Stanton in the #7 spot? Why are the least defensively-responsible defencemen on the team making up Edmonton's second pairing? Why is Larsson a bottom-pairing guy all of the sudden? Why is there still only 3 NHL-calibre forwards throughout the entire bottom-6? Why is Caggiula making twice as much as he should be? Why is Lucic still in the top-6?

Just... why?</div></div>

DeBrincat and Toews barely enough to fetch Draisaitl? Lol a 3 time Stanley cup captain and McDavid's junior linemate that had 52 pts this season playing on the 2nd/3rd line. They are worth every single asset in that proposed deal. Draisaitl isn't as good as everyone thinks he is, Yamamoto went 22nd overall for a reason and Benning? rofl he isn't worth a bag of pucks. Oilers would actually be the winners of that deal. Stanton over Samorukov? lol that statement right there tells me everything about your knowledge of Edmonton's prospects. Larsson was probably the team's worst defenseman this year, maybe Sekera was a bit worse. They traded Hall for a high hitting d-man that banks pucks of the boards when players are open. Drake making 1.5 is twice as much as he should be making? He's been up and down the lineup, even playing with McDavid, he's coming into his 3rd year in which he will have a massive improvement just due to experience, and you peg him as a 750k ahl salary? Lucic has been on the top 6 his entire career, a stanley cup winner, an intimidating force on the ice that garners respect from the entire league. He had an off year, just like the entire team.

Your counter argument, rofl. Just....why?
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 12, 2018 at 5:30