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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chuckforit</b></div><div>You don't need to sell it if the new coach makes the team win more games.

''Vive le Quebec libre'' as you say was in 1967, I think as the older generations go off into the sunset, the emotions related to language for a hockey team coach will be gone with them...</div></div>

Although I agree with you, go read some of the comments on RDS. I cannot write in French but I can read it very well. Almost everyday there is a comment about language. It is heavy to always be dealing with that. I knew in 1987 I was leaving Quebec not because I hated the place but because I was tired of the same arguments all the time. In 34 years of living outside of Quebec, my ears have only heard it once that they did not like the people in Quebec, only once in 34 years. Now I am not blind, I know there is currently many people in Alberta that are angry at the pipeline being cancelled and I am reading online that it is perceived as Quebecs fault. But when I speak with my extended family members still living in Quebec, they still complain about the language stuff. Back to hockey, I believe the head coach will be french or bilingual. But there are plenty of French speaking coaches, so for me this is a mute point.

I am going over the 6 goals. 1 empty net, so 5 goals. Of the 5, 3 of them are players picking up the wrong players in their defensive assignments. Price was weak on the 4th goal. But he is getting absolutely slammed by the comments already. If those players pick up the right players, you have no need for the extra attacker and the game finishes 3 to 2 for MTL.