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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BOLTLOVER1</b></div><div>Couple points ..

1. Gourde hasn't scored ... and has played every game .. since BEFORE THANKSGIVING

2. In 2017-2018 .. he had 60 pts as a 26 year old rookie with Stamkos and Kuch .. In 2018-2019 .. from Jan 1 through the Columbus debacle .. he only had 21 points in last 4 months .. and was 3rd and 4th line before Columbus debacle. So a HUGE step backward as it became obvious he sucks.

3. This year he is on a torrid pace to 29 pts .. see a trend here? .. folks think Gourde is a veteran having a bad stretch.. NO .. he is only 2.5 years experience with a downward ski slope of performance to what he really is.. a good 4th liner worth 1M a year.

4. The ENORMUS question is why JBB gave a 32M NTC contract to a 26 year old rookie with less than 1.5 years NHL experience when he didn't have to! .. Gourde is not a veteran and is not going through a rough patch .. he had opportunistic rookie year and sub par since.

So the million dollar question is what to do with this mess? The idea of a "bad contract swap" is not a bad one. Tampa has 3rd line and RD holes in 2020. Question is who is best bad contract swap for Gourde?</div></div>

okay this is excellent information, as opposed to the small minded response I got above, with the lmao. I never understood where all the bums end up if they all fall off the people. At least they are collectively laughing together! But I digress. Not to name drop or anything but in 2007, I was a scout for an OHL TEAM and the GM gave us the assignment to pretend we were drafting the kids. So I took one month and did tons of research. I hardly saw my family. I handed in my completed work the the head scout, laughed at it in front of everyone in the room and said "you don't know anything about hockey do you?" 12 of my 15 picks played in the OHL or QMJHL and 7 of the 15 picks played at least 30 games at the NHL level.

I do not follow the lightning at all but it appears you do or you have done some valuable research. Based on what you wrote, I would be very hesitant to make that trade.
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 18, 2019 at 3:58