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Thread: Out Tavares
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Snowhawk18</b></div><div>First off I agree with you, if Murphy was going to be traded it more then likely would have happened by now, I am merely responding to the proposal as shown.

Secondly, I am on record as saying I think Murphy is highly overrated by Blackhawk fans. In my opinion he is a decent second pair/PK d-man. With that in mind if you could get a 1st and 3rd for him you jump at the chance.

Robertson has injury questions but I would give him a chance over guys like Katchouk, Entwistle, R Johnson etc. the potential upside is greater than anything those guys offer. Gambrel… whatever he can go to Rockford, ECHL, waive whatever.

As for his potential replacement there are guys available from teams that still have cap issues to resolve:

Calgary is over the cap with a 21 man roster perhaps you can squeeze out Tanev for cheap or next to nothing.

Colorado is right up against the cap, they may be willing to move Girard who is a $5m luxury third pair d-man because of the development of Byram.

Edmonton has cap issues to resolve, Ceci may be available again for next to nothing or perhaps even with a sweetener.

Vancouver would probably jump at the chance to move Myers and probably attached a 2nd or 3rd round pick to him.

We may actually see the much anticipated and heavily debated Joseph/Brannstrom (aka next coming of Bobby Orr according to Sens fans) deal. Again potentially with a pick(s) added.

Maybe there is an opportunity for a follow up deal with the Leafs centred around Brodie.

That is just off the top of my head, I am sure there are other players out there that can shake free as we close in on the start of the season. Are they better then Murphy, perhaps not but some of those options are fairly close and at the end of the day, is winning really the priority yet?</div></div>

Guess we'll have to disagree on Murphy's value. A 1st and a 3rd for Murphy with $6.5m retention for 3 years is probably the bare minimum Hawks might accept. I put little to no value on Robertson and no value on Gambrell. I say little to no value on Robertson because theres at least 6 forward prospect for the Hawks as of now who would be ahead of Robertson in their internal rankings in my opinion. And it might be more than 6. Like I said, it MIGHT be fair value, but I don't see the Hawks taking it.

No winning isn't a priority yet. But giving the 6 or 7 rookies who figure to make the NHL roster this year a strong locker room and strong on ice leadership is a priority. Giving Vlasic, Phillips, Kaiser good veteran partners to play with and learn from is a priority. Just my opinion, but the Hawks fire sale is over. Hawks have plenty of prospects and plenty more picks to make in the next 2 drafts. No need to just give your good veteran leaders away for minimal return any longer.
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