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Thread: Ilya Sorokin
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Yesyesyes2020</b></div><div>The Tortorella era is the most successful in blue jackets history and he’s one of the few coaches in this league to have won a cup. Also Trotz coached Nashville from the time they were born so he had no choice but to develop players. If these guys can’t handle getting pushed by Trotz that means they are soft and they won’t last in the league. Dobson ain’t gonna leave because his coach benched him when he was 20. The grinders are important for making Trotz system work they wear down opponents. He doesn’t like them better than Wally and Dobson. He talks about how important they are all the time. Those guys have potential to be stars in this league for a long time so he has higher expectations for them. He’s a good coach and we are lucky to have him the way he’s turned this team around in a year after losing their star player, turning around their defense form worst to first with the same personnel when literally everyone believed they were going to be a lottery team is unprecedented. This team won a single playoff series in 25 years before he came here. 2016 felt like they won the cup when they beat the panthers (game 6 of that series is the greatest hockey game I’ve been to) but now winning playoff series is the new normal.</div></div>

I don’t care that toetorella won a cup. That was almost 20 years ago and times have changed. He ran gaborik out of town, dubious. Laine is next. He doesn’t know how to handle young players and neither does trotz. There’s a difference between being pushed and singled out. Trotz constantly singles out young players and scratches them for scrubs.

This one of the worst games I’ve ever seen the isles play. They looked like a beer league team. That coburn-Greene pairing might be the worst pairing the isles have ever assembled. Two old, slow pylons who can’t move the puck. Trotz thinks coburn is a better option than young 6’4 smooth skating puck mover. It’s a huge problem.

you can appreciate trotz being an upgrade from previous coaches but at the same time his lineup decisions hold the team back. He has cost the isles plenty of games this season because he feels that barzal needs to be on a leash with some 4th line grinder and he gives too much ice time to players who don’t deserve it.

Think about it: we just iced a lineup with Andy Greene, Leo komarov, Matt Martin, travis zajac , and Brayden coburn , and Scott mayfield. A 1/3 of our lineup and all 6 of them have below average skill and skating. You don’t think that’s a problem?
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Thread: Ilya Sorokin
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Thread: Ilya Sorokin