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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bsilk18</b></div><div>Yes: My OPINION is that they should be able to cover it, I agree with you.
BUT: the FACTS are that they cant because they dont have the money to do it.
I am NOT all over the place, I am pointing out that my opinion differs from the facts, but at least i am rational enough to admit it.

As to your second point: teams have to allocate enough money to pay players UNDER THE CAP! This doesnt mean that all teams have money set aside to cover buyouts. Yes: They can pay Ladd 6 million because that is part of the 80 million they have set aside for the cap. BUT they cant pay him the 4 million if they buy him out because now thats 84 million set aside to pay players, which is too much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read what i am saying and stop trying to come up with excuses. Dont tell me to "do my research lol, thats childish to throw that back at me, on top of the fact that you still didnt do your research</div></div>

Actually your statement that the islanders don’t have money to pay ladd if they buy him out is false. Just because the islanders have a net negative income (only -3.5 mill in 18-19) does not mean the islanders don’t have the money to buyout Ladd. Do you understand what cash flow positive means?

Your 2nd argument makes no sense. If the cap is 81.5 and there is 1 compliance buyout , they can afford to buyout Ladd. The islanders “losing” 3.5 mill is not a valid argument as to why they can’t afford to pay him.
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