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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>Okay, well i think there’s some disconnect here, and i guess it could be language based. The difference between this scenario and the others are pretty big. The biggest one is reason. The second is age.
The devils had a reason to trade Hall. They were bad, his deal was expiring, and he was unlikely to re-sign. Tampa had a reason to trade miller. They had a lot of forward depth, and a desperate need for cap space. He was a player they could get an asset for, while shedding cap. Stone was leaving after a few more meaningless games in UFA. All these teams had legitimate reasons to be willing to move the player. Also the players were all either on the verge of going UFA, or on the verge of being UFA age.

What possible reason could columbus have to move PLD? The rumors that he wants out? So what? Shea Weber wanted out of Nashville forever, he still played great. Let’s say he does want out. Cool, that’s a reason to move him two years from now where he’s an arb eligible RFA. Until then, they’re a competitive team, and he’s a number one center on a good contract. The standard, “well, here’s a bunch of futures,” won’t work like with the trades you mentioned, because all of those teams had a reason to trade that player, and specific need for futures.

Think of it this way. Let’s pretend the US and Canadian dollars were worth the exact same. They’re not, but let’s pretend. You’re in the states, with no plans to go to canada, and i offer you a canadian dollar for a US dollar. You say no obviously. I offer $1.25. You still probably say no. What are you going to do with that? It’s more of a bother than it’s worth. But then your boss says, “hey Jambo, you’re going on a trip to canada for a month.” Now all of a sudden you need CAD. That dollar for dollar trade is looking great. Hell, if you had to you would probably take 80 cents. You have a reason to want that CAD.

Columbus ain’t going to canada.</div></div>

I do understand your point and what you're saying. I think we also both agree that it would be supremely hard for them to win a trade if they are sending away PLD. He's kind of exactly what they need, and they're damn near toast without him.

My line of thought is under the assumption that they would be looking to move him if he wants out, next season perhaps. This is just an idea for one way a trade for him might look. We clearly disagree on DeAngelo's value, he is a polarizing player because he has questions around his play, but also clear offensive upside. Improving defensively is a must. Typically guys who want out, eventually get out.

Say Columbus experiences a dip in the standings, I think they make the top 4 in their division this year, but lets say for whatever reason they feel more inclined to get some futures out of a deal, this would be a pretty good deal. I think the Rangers could add pieces too.

I guess my point is that a player vocally wanting out, is a reason for a trade, considering players who request one typically get moved at some point in the following years. You can only roll with a guy who wants out for so long, even if they are extremely competitive like Dubois. Columbus has the right to wait on a return they like, but it will be hard to find one that makes them better. The Rangers will be in on at, and maybe its hard to see now, but I would like to revisit this when Dubois does get moved, whenever that is. I think the return may very well end up being slightly overwhelming. At least the deal I suggested offers help now and lots of help in the future