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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>XBestOneYetX</b></div><div>This team is flush to the cap... that means they will have issues with call-ups unless players are put on LTIR, plus you have to factor in bonuses. Brendan Smith will be in Hartford and if he isn't the Rangers are in trouble, a rebuilding/building team should not have two defenseman who make over 4 million dollars as their 6-7 d-men. Raddysh could always be the 7th d-man or they can sign a UFA to serve as the 7th d-man at league minimum as they did with Claesson. Also Smith is a toy that Quinn shouldn't have, similar to AV with Glass, if Gorton keeps him on this team, Smith will play instead of kids which serves little purpose since Smith will not be part of this team's future, hopefully he is gone after this season.</div></div>

There is no need for callups, unless there is an injury. Capwise, they are fine. And thats with no movement.
If there is a move, its to free up additional capspace for ADA and Lemieux - and theyll still be flush to the cap.

Brendan Smith is not the guy you want in Hartford, as the Rangers have made it clear that they want to change the culture in Hartford. He broke his hand punching a teammate last time, so I'm not sure how he'd be good for the kids.

As far as Smith with the Rangers/Quinn - while I agree with you, I am being realistic. Smith can play either side on D, and played the wing last season. So, you wont need your callup you are worried about. And I am also not a fan of this guy getting icetime over anyone, let alone a developing prospect. And that's for NY and Hartford. But Quinn has the hots for him, so I think we are stuck watching him for another 60 games this season.

I'd like to see Rykov, Hajek, Lindgren taking the #6 and #7 d spots... but, again, Quinn hasnt been too fond of the young guys not named Pionk or Howden.