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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SammyT_51</b></div><div>Oh yeah how so?

Bennett has really low value as he is not really good, but he is physical which is something Dubas would like to add and Johnsson is - in terms of value - at the same level as Brodie. Ceci is there too in this trade.. we add two rounds higher pick also. I think that trade would probably need another forward prospect going to CGY but its pretty damn close.

As for LA trade, Kings give up a backup (values of those are not really that high and Campbell has been pretty mediocre this year) for 22yr old left wing bottom-6 prospect who is physical but also likes to have possesion on the puck and create chances, top-93 pick in very deep draft and AHL backup who would allow Cal Petersen to move up to Kings. Is that really a bad trade?</div></div>

That's a really bad take on Bennett for starters, obviously he never lived up to his draft but he has also been pushed down the lineup to 3rd pair on LW his entire career. hes also only 23 so he still has plenty of potential. Flames will never sell him low. AJ is a middle 6 winger and will never be the driving force of a top 6 line (not calling him bad, just not ridiculously good either). He really isn't much of an upgrade on Bennett. if you take out the fact that Brodie is a pending UFA and per say make it a sign and trade he far better than AJ let alone Ceci. I would bet that Bennett does equally as good or better with MAtthews + Nylander as Johnsson.

<em>Calgary also doesn't have the cap space to retain here</em>

Sure Campbell is having a mediocre start this year, but he had the 3rd best SV% in the league last year on a horrible team. Hes locked up for 3 years on a super team friendly contract and is still in his prime
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