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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BurgerBoss</b></div><div>OTT gets f*cked here. Brown is almost equal in points with Neal, and being younger, RFA and under way better contract makes him more valuable than him. I can't see OTT swapping those picks alone for Neal and Benning to be fair...

Can't see TOR being in a position to move Kappy. He's much more useful for them than Yamamoto, since they look to contend now.

Butcher &gt; Larsson in value since he's not a pending UFA after the 2020-21 season... Zacha &gt; Chiasson is basically the same thing but even more due to him being better as a player. No incentive for Devils to do this trade at all.

I can't see VAN moving Demko. He's their future goalie. The offer itself isn't that bad, but I think they're much more willing to move Markstrom rather than Demko.</div></div>

Thanks for your comments.

1. Brown has 2 goals this year. Neal has 12. Neals salary also makes it easier for the to get to the cap floor.

2. The salary difference between Kapenen and Yamamoto is 2.5 M, which will come in handy as the leafs have to resign basically their entire blue line. Yamo is also 3 years younger and is enjoying success in the AHL

3. Butcher is a LHD and plays second or third pairing minutes as a PP specialist. Larsson plays first line minutes in all situations and shoots right. So I’d rather have Larson. If the Devils are unable to resign Sami Vaatenen (which seems likely) they’ll need some kind of replacement.

4. The Canucks also have a stud young goalie in DiPietro, so this trade could work - you admitted it’s quite a haul for an essentially untested goalie and a player (Virtanen) who many saw as a bust as recently as two months ago.