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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aarchibald</b></div><div>Skinner has not been playing like a top line player this year and some of their other lines have developed good chem. Girgensons is maybe worth a little more but not much as his value has decreased this season by far and teams are not willing to pay as much for a guy like him. And drafting Power starts to build up a young D-core for the future of this team as they need to rebuild their farm system</div></div>

Many things you said is pretty uninformed and its evident you haven't followed the Sabres much, so I'll take the opportunity to provide some education. Skinner has played okay, not great and not terrible. He still gets chances to score every game but he is clearly at home with Eichel as his center. Zemgus is a great role player, no need for Buffalo to dump him off. Every team in the league would love to have him on their team, maybe not for 2.2 mil but what he brings to a team is highly sought after. We should not draft Power or any other defenseman in the 1st round unless Berniers, Eklund, and Guenther are off the board (which is highly unlikely as we will draft top 3 or 4. Our future D core is the least of our worries. Dahlin, Joki, Bryson, Borgen, Laaksonen, Samuelsson, Johnson are all young guys who are/will become NHL regulars. Add that to McCabe (who will resign) and Risto (if we don't move him) and you have a very good D-core with a balance of offensive and defensive defensemen. We don't need to "rebuild" the farm system, we just need to take quality players with our picks. It hasn't been a quantitative lack of prospects in the pipeline but rather a qualitative deficiency in the prospects we have