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Thread: Sabres
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shibbal18</b></div><div>Not even Levi thinks he's immediately stepping into the starting role in the NHL, which is why hes staying at college to work under his goaltending coach there for another year. Levi is maybe 3 years away from an NHL debut let alone starting gig, this ensures he has a mentor there for him when he does get there. Or Levi blows everyone away and the Sabres end up like Florida, or just dump Gibson. I highly doubt Gibson would have any effect on Levi's decision to sign. Maroon has 150 playoff games, 97 in the last 4 years, the Sabres really can benefit from a guy like that. Drury was that when he first stepped in the locker room in '03</div></div>

No but Gibson is under contract for 5 more seasons. College players tend not to sign with their NHL team due to reasons like a jammed pipeline. They want to make sure there will be a spot for them on the team when they are ready, and I think Levi will play 1 more college season and 1 year in Rochester before he gets a good opportunity in the NHL. Not saying that's the right play, as I always think more development time for a goalie is best, but I do think that could happen with Levi. That said, if Levi is debating about signing in Buffalo or not, his decision will be practically made for him if Gibson is on our team and a guy like UPL or Portillo stick around too. You can only have 2 goalies in the NHL, and a guy like Levi projects to be a starter (which is what Gibson is). I guess I'm just saying it may not be wise to acquire a starting goalie with term for the future well-being of our team. Levi and Portillo are both guys I really want to sign with Buffalo so we can at least see what they can become. One or both of those guys will get traded or walk to FA if we go out and get a undisputed starting goaltender with more than 2 years of term imo.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>What are the odds of getting a player better than Brock or as good as with the 16th OA?
Since: "Additional Details: BUF given permission to negotiate a Boeser extension before the trade" Buffalo would know the terms before making the trade.
Brock would take Hinostroza's spot, that my friends is a HUGE upgrade.
The Sabres would start to resemble a playoff team with Tuch, Boeser, Quinn and Okposo on RW with Skinner, Olofsson, Asplund and Girgensons on LW.
I would make this trade and wait for the season to start as based on historic drafts there is less than 1 out of 3 chance of getting a good player with the 16th OA pick.

2000 Marcel Hossa
2001 <strong>R.J. Umberger</strong>
2002 Jakub Klepis
2003 Steve Bernier
2004 Petteri Nokelainen
2005 Alex Bourret
2006 Ty Wishart
2007 Colton Gillies
2008 Joe Colborne
2009 <strong>Nick Leddy</strong>
2010 <strong>Vladimir Tarasenko</strong>
2011 Joel Armia
2012 <strong>Tom Wilson</strong>
2013 Nikita Zadorov
2014 Sonny Milano
2015 <strong>Mathew Barzal</strong>
2016 <strong><strong>Jakob Chychrun</strong></strong>
2017 Juuso Valimaki
2018 Liam Foudy</div></div>

Sure but how many good players have been picked in the last 20 years with any 1st round pick from 16-onwards. Because you have a chance to draft any player remaining on the board with 16th OA. Like I said, fair trade but only if Boeser can stay healthy and I say thats more unlikely than us getting a good player at 16th OA