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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BLIvingston33</b></div><div>I just think Johnson is a guy that has largely benefitted from having great linemates. The Wild should keep Dumba right now, when he's at peak value he will probably fetch a legit number one center or just be a legit number one d-man for the Wild. I can't be so hung up on a right-handed center when we probably draft a future number one center this year and have Khovanov as the potential number two center. Get some righties on the wing.</div></div>

I think if you move Dumba you'd hope you find a GM sees the last 4 years of his NHL career and values him based off that rather than the first 4 months of this season. I know he had the injury and that's definitely a factor, but everything Dumba used to be is still there if you watch him. Seems like it's all in his head IMO. I also kind of disagree with your right shot winger point. I see really three true centers in the top 10 this year: Byfield, Rossi, and Lundell. Byfield is a pipe dream and likely won't happen and Lundell strikes me as a similar player to Eriksson Ek and I'm sick of these defense-first centers. We need a go-to offensive stud down the middle. To me, that's Marco Rossi. So basically if we don't get Rossi, it's a winger or a D (not that that's a bad thing because I like all of them) meaning I really would push for a center prospect in a hypothetical Brodin or Dumba trade if a prospect is the main piece. Doesn't have to be a right shot, but ideally it would be. Otherwise a hybrid C/W like Necas intrigues the hell out of me if Waddell is as hot on Brodin as it sounds he is...
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