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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MG1986</b></div><div>Haha well I can tell you that Mihkeyev's agent loves playing hardball and is tough to deal with. That said, Kucherov is also his client, and as we all know Kucherov took a very reasonable "bridge deal" even though he probably could have gotten more. I guess my point is, Leafs would want to "Trevor Moore" him or, as you put it "Kevin Lablanc" him to a cheap next contract, where perhaps his play, and especially his play to date, indicates he should be getting more of a Kapanen/Johnson second contract, which would definitely hurt the Leafs' cap and their ability to resign at least one of Muzzin or Barrie plus make additional upgrades, which I am sure will be needed once we again lose to Boston in the first round of these 2019-20 playoffs :P</div></div>

Fair points! Watching Leafs vs Boston was telling. IMO, Dubas needs to trade Hyman now (Good player but far too much$ for a limited skill set) ...and, unfortunately, to keep a close watch on Willy's (other's?) 'level of intensity'. Sadly, Leafs appear to have encouraged a culture of too many primadonnas skating around and opportunistically seeking to add to their point totals - rather than to engaging in the game. IMO, this includes 'no hit' Rielly. In Leafs vs Boston each Bruin meticulously finished every play by initiating a 'conscious' body contact/hit against their opposing Leafs' player. Think they have been instructed to do this? By comparison, the Leafs avoid contact - and will soon become known as the team avoiding contact in a contact sport!.
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