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Thats definitely a much better roster, but those trades are unrealistic. Bozak is a very good C, Lander is barely a 4th liner - not going to happen. Zuccarello is a top 6 winger and Fast is a useful player, whilst Yakupov is a total bust - no way Rangers touch that either. Remember the Rangers aren't rebuilding, they want to win now. The STL trade is more realistic.
Cap troubleOct 2 at 11:57
CBJ is in cap hell!!! I think it would be hilarious if CBJ couldn't match an offer sheet on Seth Jones regardless who he signed it with. The would also need to sign the 3rd overall pick to a contract. so you'd have 2 players that could potential cost $10,000,000 between the two of them. CBJ can't afford that much...
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Quoting: palhal
If Matthews plays his "European" status, it might be hard for any team reject the Arizona type deal you propose. Don't know if the Leafs would do it, if Matthews agrees to sign with the Leafs though. It would be easier decision possibly if Arizona had the number 2 or 3 pick. Don't know if Hawks would give up a second rounder just to save $ 1m a year in buyout of Bickell for two years. How's this trade...Bickell for Cowan (Leafs don't need the tax credit this year) for maybe a fourth rounder. Since the Leafs have lots of cap room, it may not be the best thing to buy out Lupul....It would be 1.5m cap hit for 4 years. Might as well keep him, pay him next year to be on the team, or possibly buried or if he is injured on LTIR. If for some reason need cap room the following year, then a buyout is possible.

1) Lupul would be 1.5 for 2 years according to this site.
2) I agree about Matthews just made up a fair deal. And I really do think he would sign with the leafs ad $$$ more in a market like Toronto.
3) Bickell that was my bad I thought I put a 3rd in 2018 coming back to us and also was thinking of how they can save 5 million a year for 4 years.