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Forum: Armchair-GMOct 13, 2020 at 3:36
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OlegP</b></div><div>No no no.
The bonus was paid September 1st and you are not gonna get a 3rd pick rounder for Staal at the deadline. 🤦‍♂️ This is Marc Staal not Eric. I think you made another mistake. Check the name.

Last week, you were getting Saad despite his NTC and were flipping him at the deadline. Cause Saad would totally waive to go to Detroit!
Everyone gets flipped that plays on a terrible team I guess. Let’s forget perceived value that ruined players value like Tyson Barrie that has to take a pay cut to rebuild his worth in Edmonton.

The mental gymnastics you are pulling off here is impressive.</div></div> Loui Eriksson has 2 years left on his contract. 1M this year in base + 4M in salary in salary next year.

Retain 50% on pretty much means they will get a 3rd round pick (will be from a playoff contending team with the pick in the last 10 picks in the 3rd round)...that's the going rate for 50% retention of salary. Less retention = higher pick. Look at the defensive pylons <strong>traded with 50% retained salary</strong> and the picks they got. The shell of Mike Green was traded for a conditional 3rd round pick just last year at 50%. Marco Scandella at 50% for a 2nd and 4th. Brenden Dillon at 50% for a 2nd and conditional 3rd.

Maybe you think salary retention and cap space don't matter...but that's where the pick gets boosted by a round. So examine those other 50% retention trades and be shocked. Then figure in a flat cap and what salary cap space is worth.

I don't know about Saad. And I don't think I've ever said yes that's a good fit on this team unless it was a cap dump for a very high pick where you just couldn't say no. So I have no idea where you are coming from on that..... it's kind like the people that think the Wings would take on Loui Eriksson's deal for anything less than a conditional 1st/2nd and a 3rd. It's just unrealistic and they are pricing him as an asset and not as a cap dump that will cost 5M total over two years for a 4th line player at best.

Was the bonus paid by the Rangers. Yes. Did it hit his bank account in Sept or July? Does it matter...the point was it wasn't paid by the team he was traded to but by the team he was traded by. So the point is still valid isn't it. <strong>Talk about mental gymnastics.</strong> The bonus came payable on July 1st but didn't hit his actual bank account until Sept 1, but he was traded later in Sept so somehow that matters...give me a break...point is made Staal cost the Wings 3.2M this year and about 1.6M if they trade him at the deadline for what they get from him at the deadline they already got a 2nd round pick. While Eriksson isn't flip-able as d-men and 50% rentention change hands frequently at the deadline while overpriced forwards that aren't worth their contracts anymore with term left don't. And you are pricing Eriksson the same as Staal. So maybe you better consider that in future non-sense.
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 13, 2020 at 3:17
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>UncleRay</b></div><div>I guess people don’t realize how good these players are.

Grze is a solid 2nd pairing D and 2nd round picks to sweeten that is pretty safe considering the alternative of offersheets (1st and a 3rd only).

Kase and Bjork are solid 3rd liners and both have them have 2nd line potential on the right team. Think Reilly Smith and Vatrano. Moore is a solid D considering Detroit has almost no LD after this coming season. Sweetened with 2 more picks to help with the rebuild. Not high ones, but close enough. I’d prefer Mantha for his size and goal, but Bertuzzi is another option instead. For him, what is offered is huge overpay. He and Kase are pretty darn close to even swap.

Sergachev will sign a bridge deal if structured the right way. Just like McAvoy and Carlo did, and Debrusk will do. This is why the trade va offersheet because you’ll need to pay a lot more and we want the salary for other things.

Again, offersheet could work as well. Someone will get Sergachev or Cirreli. Force TBL on one and the other becomes target #2. This is just more gentlemanly to give them a good trade and save some picks and salary.

How would you get those 3 players? Easy to sit back and poke holes but would love to see your options!!</div></div>I'm pretty sure it's you that doesn't realize how good the players you are trading for are.

Offer sheets would be good if they were in the right price range (5 years for way more $$$$). You're about 1/2 price on Dunn. And about 1M off on Mantha's and Sergachev's AAV. Beyond that any time you start adding more than 2 players and less than 2x 1st round picks to a trade of a RFA on a team with a 18M in cap space just stop typing.
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