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Forum: NHL SigningsTue at 1:17 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I seem to recall that Jarmo had inside information that he could have gone in the early second before they selected again.

The thing that the draft rankings overstate - and they do this with a lot of non-North American Russians and other foreign players - is they add this "risk" factor of the player not coming over to their rankings. It's likely taking into consideration that he was passed over in his 18 year-old season and that his production prior to his draft year wasn't anything spectacular.

We also have to consider that these publishers - the EPRinksides, the Buttons, the McKenzie's, Red Line Report, etc. - only have so much information available to them. Bob only takes the words of 10 scouts (which does give a good proxy for what the league as a whole is thinking come draft day) but it misses the bigger picture. Even Pronman and Wheeler with their seemingly infinite wisdom don't get every pick right. Every organization values different aspects of the game differently. Every scout has to pitch their pick.

It was an absolute hail mary of a pick, and I agree he should have been available in the second round OR the Jackets could have traded for another early second, but it appears to be paying off. He had great production in the KHL last year given that league doesn't give that much icetime to 20 year olds AND he's coming over right away. Credit where it's due.</div></div>

(1) It wasn’t just Jarmo. A few GM’s/Scouts stated Yegor had plenty of late-first round interest, as I recall.

(2) Said it before, say it again - There Is No Such Thing As A Bad ELC
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