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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CheechYou</b></div><div>Burns is kinda of like Brindamour, Yzerman, Blake, Chara... he gets better with age in terms of his understanding and experience of the game, and he's been much better defensively the last 2 seasons than ever before. His freakish physical capabilities and always being in tip-top shape will have him playing great hockey for a few more years at least.

That said, SJ has way too many big contracts, all over-30 too (EK65, Couture, Vlasic, Jones, Kane, Burns). It makes sense for them to move on from Burns given already having EK65 and the aforementioned too many big contract problem. NSH I think could use Burns as a perfect pairing for Ekholm and to also move on from Johansen while also getting back two-cheap potentially good middle-6 forwards with upside in Donato and Gregor.</div></div>

It's impressive that Burns has played as well as he has to this point, but there's no guarantee he'll age as well as those other names you've mentioned. The number of defensemen who can still keep up in the NHL at 40 is very small.

Losing Johansen down the middle leaves NSH with a bigger hole than Burns fills for them. Donato and Benning probably have close to equal value in a vacuum, but Benning makes more sense for the Preds. NSH has plenty of guys that can play on the 3rd line. I don't know a ton about Gregor, but he's not enough to seal the deal for the Preds. Every team has a handful of guys like him.

It's an interesting proposal, but not a trade I'd be comfortable with, from NSH's persepective.
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