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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 12:28 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daredevil514</b></div><div>This isnt realistic at all,

Even if its just a 3 spot difference for the first trade, Ana would not let go a top3 player for a 37th pick and a a b+ prospect, we all know that every year nothing is certain out of the top 3.
As for the other one, lets say MIN does have the first pick, this is not even close to get you Lafrieniere, the team that will have the chance to pick him will not get rid of him unless a huuuuuge overpay is on the table, the kid is the best prospect since Mcdavid and Matthews, no way a top9 player (poelhing) a 3OA and a 39OA is enough, every trade for laffy starts with at least caufield, our pick, maybe 2x2nd and another very good prospect like Romanov or Primeau. I know its very expensive but we are talking about lafreniere, it as to be an overpay!</div></div>

No. Considering Byfield and Stutzle are close in terms of potential and that they both play C (a position holding more value), the difference in terms of value isn't enormous. It would certainly depends on the team needs and status... If MIN wants to rebuild, getting more assets + a still potential 100+ pts C in Byfield even at the cost of Lafrenière is certainly worth it for them. On the other hand, I think a team like ANA, DET or CHI would keep him at all cost imo. For the ANA trade, there's a gap between the top3 and the rest of the top 10, but it isn't big. If ANA have the assurance that Drysdale will be available for them at 6 (and that they're still taking him at 3) why not trying to get more assets then. I get that everything must fall into place, but the value isn't bad at all