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Forum: Armchair-GM19 hours ago
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>And yet in the most clutch game of the year they final score was 2-1 for Pittsburgh and they had won the Stanley Cup. He made the saves when it mattered in that cup run and held on to leads for the wins. Even in 2009 for Pittsburgh, no Flower, no cup. Even so Flowers stats in 2009 was the only goalie as the starter on a cup winning team to post the bad statistics and yet because of him coming up with clutch saves in game 7 they won a Stanley Cuo 2-1. Which by your logic, Pittsburgh should’ve lost that game cause they didn’t score your minimum of 3 goals. Yet again making all your points all the more invalid to me. Honestly the trades in 2020 didn’t make too much sense to me. Zucker was an overpayment cause he defiantly wasn’t having a super great year. But I still thought he was an okay addition. Marleau was a trade I liked. Was hoping he was going to play a Matt Cullen. Trading for Sheary made no sense at all to me considering he fell out of favour with us.</div></div>

are we really going with, the stacked team won because of MAF.
Lets be honest he was never a great goalie. You can look at the BOS series later that was awful, but the worst part of that was the offenses inability to do anything with the puck.
MAF was never a great goalie. He was a playoff choker. But it's hard to blame losses on him when the offense didn't do much either. Which is the whole point.
So lets not pretend MAF won them a cup, he did not. Hell I think it was Staal who made the last desperate save. I don't know was a long time ago.
Forum: Armchair-GM20 hours ago
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>Why would they trade Matheson? Well why would they trade Zucker? I told you why they’d trade Matheson…they have 5 nhl LHD’s and it’s not ideal for a cap strapped team like the pens to pay their 3rd LHD almost 5 million per year. Not to mention Matheson’s NTC is only 8 teams as opposed to Zucker’s 10. It’s more likely Matheson won’t put Dallas on his list than Zucker.
🤦‍♂️ Show me where I said Matheson was a bad defenseman? There you go again as per usual putting words in my mouth. Claimed I said Zucker was bad when I didn’t and now claiming I said Matheson was bad when I didn’t.
By trading Matheson for Pavelski 50% retained, you could then trade for a cheaper defenseman for depth. Just a thought. Maybe Dallas will throw one in with Pavelski to make room for Matheson since they’re willing to be so generous.
Right Zuckers ends in a year while Matheson is 4. Since Dallas is being so generous and they will trade Pavelski out of respect for whatever. Let’s give them whatever. Let’s help our current and future cap situation the most.
No a team like Az or Buffalo won’t take Zucker for nothing because Zucker has a 10 team no trade list and I’m willing to bet that forever rebuilding Buffalo and forever rebuilding Arizona are on that list.
No me not living in your fantasy land is actually your issue lol. You’re mad cause no one else is living in your unrealistic view of how hockey works. Stick to EA. That’s my only advice for you.</div></div>

you can tell how flawed your thinking is when you ask why would the pens trade zucker. Most pens fans know the answer to that already.
As far as the no trade list, I doubt zucker stops a 1 year deal to AZ. A. he needs a team he can show case on for his next contract and someone there has to score.
B. It's great weather.
Zucker staying in PIT probably isn't in his best interest next year. It's the final year of a deal and he needs to turn it around if he want's a decent contract. If the numbers have been blah in PIT why would he think that staying there is in his best interest.
At least in az he can be a center piece who can try to turn it around.
Again, you just don't get it because of your views which are limited
Forum: Armchair-GM20 hours ago
Thread: Forward help
Forum: Armchair-GMSat. at 4:04 a.m.
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>You haven’t made any points. Dallas is hamstringing themselves by taking on a 5.5 million cap hit next year. They could probably sign a guy putting up the same production for 3-4 million cheaper in free agency lol. And the guy is a center. Look up his position. It says center. Look up his stats vs his two linemates. Hintz and Robertson. He takes more faceoffs than both of them combined. Faceoffs is a pretty important stat for a center lol. But seriously. Look up his stats and position vs his linemates stats and positions.

But let’s just say hypothetically that your insane logic is actually correct…why wouldn’t the pens just trade them Matheson’s contract instead. If it’s Pavs choice, he chooses the pens, and Dallas will trade him out of respect… then why not get rid of our biggest headache of a contract? Considering they’d need/want to make room for POJ probably next year. This would be the perfect opportunity. If we are going to stick it to Dallas by giving them a 5.5 million dollar cap hit next year giving them that much less space to re-sign Klingberg, let’s just give them a 4 year 4.875 million cap hit instead?</div></div>

Why would they trade Matheson.
Again our view on players is totally wacked. Matheson is a good defenseman. Period. I know CF likes to knock him, but the numbers don't lie and teams don't weaken their defense heading into the playoffs.
This idea that going into the playoffs with POJ instead of Matheson is simply a bad choice to begin with.
Also, the Matheson contract is not even a comparable here. Zucker's contract ends in 1 year. A team like AZ or BUF will take that contract for nothing. Both teams need help going forward, and BUF especially needs vets to help all their younger players as every vet they have had is heading out the door.

Again, as I stated above, your view on these points is your issue. Period.
Forum: Armchair-GMSat. at 3:57 a.m.
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>I think you’re missing the part when Vasilevekiy outperformed every other goalie in the playoffs altogether. He literally only allowed 19 goals against both the Canadiens and Islanders. The series against the Islanders wasn’t a very high scoring series except for the one game the Islanders collapsed and lost 8-0. There was Canadiens key players that were injured but that wouldn’t have made a difference though. Montreal was never gonna beat Tampa Bay. They were carried by Carey Price even in the finals. Pittsburgh acquired Zucker because Guentzel had a broken collar bone and was supposed to miss the remainder of the season until covid happened. I keep finding it funny you keep bringing up 2019 and 2020. Those years no longer matter. Leave it behind. And let me just state this. If these teams in the past 10 years didn’t have their goalie, they wouldn’t be winning Cups. You’re offence doesn’t matter if the goalie sucks</div></div>

goalies tend to look great when they play inept teams. Which is the point you are missing here.
They didn't get Zucker due to jake. They got Zucker to give Malkin a winger they were desperately missing since they moved Kessel.
Many teams have won a goalie with a bad goaltender. Hell the penguins won with MAF. Before you go telling me he is good, I can show you year after year where that isn't true.
Yet in their 1st cup win with Crosby he was 0.908 in the playoffs and they won.
The goalie isn't what makes a winning team win. Many teams have won with a so so goalie. But all teams that have one tend to have one thing in common. They ability to put the puck in the net when it counts.
Forum: Armchair-GMFri. at 7:29 p.m.
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>You’re the one backtracking all over this post. The dude is a center. Go look at his faceoff stats vs his linemates (Hintz and Robertson) faceoff stats and see who takes the majority of faceoffs on that line. I said he’s not strictly a RW because he can also play RW. That doesn’t mean it’s his primary position. But continue to grasp at straws. When your argument is terrible it’s what you do. The Kessel thing was a TOTALLY different scenario. He picked a bunch of contenders and then Arizona where Tocchet was. That trade was made in the offseason and Kessel had multiple years left on his contract and the pens are still looking to contend. Pavelski is a pending UFA and this would be made at the deadline if Dallas is out of it. They probably don’t care who they send him too, just as long as they get the best return. There is no emotional attachment to anything lol. You are really grasping at straws here. I’d be all for a Pavelski for Zucker trade. But it’s not at all realistic. Your whole argument has a bunch of stipulations that you’re assuming would happen. 1. Pavelski has to choose the pens, 2. Pavelski has to give them no other viable options, 3. Dallas is willing to hamstring themselves for a player they will no longer have, 4. Dallas is willing to hamstring themselves to help another team, 5. Dallas isn’t looking to find the best deal they can, 6. The pens wanting Pavelski, 7. The pens not having better deals they would prefer. Your theory is that there is no way all of those assumptions don’t line up, which is just nonsense. You’re the only one here with an emotional attachment. It’s your idea and everyone else agrees it’s a dumb one and you can’t take it. It’s ok. Just take some time off the internet so you can get over it lol. Btw your argument that teams aren’t paying much for rentals at the deadline anymore is unfounded. Nick foligno, Savard Savard, Mattias Janmark, struggling Taylor Hall all got at least a 2nd round pick. Savard and foligno got 1sts. So another argument that’s flawed.</div></div>

you realize the whole point of posting a trade is looking at the possibility of something. Clearly Pavs not wanting to play for the penguins or the penguins not wanting Pavs throws it all out..... That's not really the point and it's clear you don't get it.

In the end it's clear you are hung up on point 4
"4. Dallas is willing to hamstring themselves to help another team,"
You think Zucker is "hamstringing" DAL. And I have made the point over and over again that isn't necessarily true. But you don't want to agree on that. As if DAL couldn't move that out in a 3 way trade or something at no cost to them if not get a small return on it. You look at him as clearly only a negative.
WE don't agree on that. That's your hang up here.
Which leads to point 5.
"5. Dallas isn’t looking to find the best deal they can,"
A. Pavs will pick the team. I know you aren't getting that but that's true, he can block anything he doesn't want. So Lets say he does view the penguins as his best chance for a cup out of his offers.
The idea that DAL is "looking to find the best deal they can" really just get's thrown out the window. Because DAL isn't the one looking.
Furthermore, being a prick to a very well known aging vet and blocking him from going for a cup, isn't exactly helping DAL in any way shape at all.
WE clearly don't agree on those facts. But yet they are just that.
You want to go on and use the foligno trade as an example as teams still give up 1sts....and my whole point has been. The analytics show it's a bad move, teams have been following those, and yet again..... point proven. Trades like those continue to be the reason why less and less they occur. On top of it when you have a trade partner, who has openly stated they aren't trading their top 2 picks. When they traded for a very similar player in Carter for a 3rd and conditional 4th who had 2 years left.
The only absurdity here is you think teams are going to offer sky high returns on him.
I'll tell you now if he played defense it would be a totally different scenario and I'd probably say a player of his caliber would probably return that, but that's for totally different reasons. It's much harder to find defense help than forward help at all times and the market has been swayed that way for some time. Which explains a Savard for a 1st. But most people know TOR got ripped off, and those are facts the whole league looks at. It's not just fans with that opinion.

As for Pavs he is a RW. Just because a winger takes faceoffs doesn't make him a center. There is a whole lot more to being a center than taking faceoffs.
Forum: Armchair-GMFri. at 7:09 p.m.
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>Here’s your problem. You keep bringing up 2019 and 2020 and comparing that hockey to Pittsburgh in 2021. Pittsburgh in 2021 were more improved. They had offence and defence and good goaltending. It didn’t start out that way. But they got better. But Jarry simply didn’t stop the puck playoff time in times when needed. Since you want to bring up offence then why did a team like Carolina lose? Why did Colorado lose? They have the players that can put the puck in the net better than the majority of the league. They lost. They were teams that have it all like Tampa Bay. Offence, defence, goaltending. But why did they lose? Carolina had to score on Vasilevekiy and they couldn’t. Colorado had to score on Flower who was a brick wall at the time. You see the impact of goaltending? No Stanley Cup is won purely off of offence. You can’t win games if you see the minimum goals needed is 3. You’d need you’re goalie to allow a minimum of 2 goals. Which I know Jarry is capable of. He just wasn’t capable of it against the Islanders. I literally told you how little his work load was in the double OT game was. You remain blind to the fact that goaltending really makes a difference. Tampa Bay does have a top 10 even top 5 offence in the league. But they also have top 10 defence and top 3 goaltending. You see how well that gels together? Pittsburgh also had top 10 offence and top 10 defence. Jarry however wasnt a top 10 goalie at the time and it showed. Simple as that. But over and over again you fail to see the importance of goaltending.</div></div>

I hate to break it to you but you can say "different team" all day, everyone knew going into that NYI series it was the same mess. No one was really shocked by losing it were they?
You could have said the same thing then...different team. But it's not. It's still a lot of the exact same players. The core is still there. Not much has changed.

As far as why did CAR lose...they faced TB a high octane offense. COL played VGK another good offensive team. You can argue defense all day, If defense wins games why did NYI lose to TB. Why did MTL lose to TB? The answer to those is clear, when Price was done standing on his head the rest of the team was of no help to net a goal, and NYI had the same problem. Which is why they are a garbage team this year. They can't score.

You think Vasilevekiy was some brick wall.... how about those last two series he played teams that can't score but TB could. Had nothing to do with the goalie.
But Instead NYI faced an incompetent PIT team that couldn't net the puck, followed by a BOS team with 1 line worth anything that couldn't generate goals either. So they made it to the 3rd round to get run over by a team that could actually generate offense. How are those realities?

Be more objective. Don't be a homer for a team. This team has problems scoring goals when games count. Period. It's not the first time and it's not the last. A huge part of that over the years was SUlly's constant ignorance about not changing the system that people had figured out. Putting him up against Trots was a disaster in the waiting because of that. At least he's done things to change the game plan. But he sucks at adapting. That's been clear for a long time. The other problem is the total lack of a PP since they chased Kessel out the door. They went from a dangerous PP that made teams pay to one that's just awful the last few years. I don't know how you can not realize that and not recognize the effects it's had on their ability to win games. The third issue has been their lack of 5v5 offense. They can't net goals. It was completely apparent in the loss to MTL. It was apparent last year in the playoffs, and if they are going to have a real chance of winning in the playoffs this year they need to bring someone in to help on that aspect, and the PP. That's how they return to a cup.

At the end of the day we are both penguins fans. We both want to see the team win.
So lets just be blunt and honest about the real problems this team has faced and continues to face.
They didn't run out there and get Zucker for no reason at all, clearly they realized the need for more forward help. It's not like his not really shinning like everyone expected isn't noticeable. Clearly even they recognize the problem.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 17 at 1:54 p.m.
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>You know the stats about Tampa Bays wins on their road to the Cup last season? 11 out of 16 wins were either shutouts or 1 goal allowed? You know that? Games that Vasilevekiy was a complete brick wall? Defence playing a role in those wins as well? How do you explain that? They literally won the last game of the playoffs 2-0. I’ve given you an easy explanation on why Pittsburgh had lost and why the Islanders lost and it really isn’t that hard to explain. Goaltending. But yet you wanna blame offence strictly and call hockey an offensive game and ignore the importance of defence and goaltending as well. You say Jarry brought them to the ot games? I explained to you he barely faced that many shots in the double OT game. The double OT game isn’t even a flex when the second ot game lasted only 51 seconds BECAUSE OF HIM 😂. 28 shots faced in literally 80 minutes and 51 seconds. That would’ve been any other experienced goalies dreams 😂. And yet somehow in your eyes Jarry turning over the puck resulting in a islanders goal is Pittsburghs offence’s fault. You see how dumb that sounds?</div></div>

Yes because the whole 20 minutes of the 1st OT wasn't enough time to score a goal, clearly it's the goalie.
TB was also a top 10 offense last year. As I said, having a good offense is the best defense. It's pretty hard for the other team to score when you have the puck and are controlling the game. What part of that didn't you get?

You see to have some grand dissolutions here. At no point did I say Jarry couldn't have played better. That's really not the point here.
You seem to want to blame him completely for the loss. You are unwilling to admit that there is plenty of blame to go around. Fact is he did play good enough to win. You can't blame a guy for losing a game in the 2nd OT. When the forwards had 20 minutes to score and didn't. What part of that don't you get?
You had 20 minutes to just put 1, just 1 puck in the net. They didn't. Do you really think they are going back in the locker room going, it's on him. Or you think they are going back and saying damn we didn't get it done when he gave us 20 minutes to do it.
At some point there is more than enough blame to go around. Which you refuse to recognize.
Fact is they didn't score. Period. That has been a repetitive problem for this team when games count. Or are you blind to the MTL series and the NYI series two years prior?
So you have a 3 year recurring problem and you scapegoat the goalie.
you can just stop right there with that and start looking in the mirror and being honest about it.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 17 at 1:41 p.m.
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>Every single one of your comments here are bad lol. Your mad cause literally no one agrees with you here. No a guy controlling where he goes isn’t acting like an ass. A guy who has a 3 team trade list and wants traded to a contender but lists the 3 last place teams as you described he could do is acting like an ass. Literally look at his faceoff stats. Again, he has taken like 300 faceoffs. Not strictly a RW. He’s been a center his whole career lol. Talk about not watching games</div></div>

look at you backtracking here.
You've gone from C to "not strictly a RW"
You fail to understand a 3 team trade list doesn't mean anything. Didn't you learn that from kessel. Where he just listed teams that weren't going to trade for him. Common sense.
You fail to get a 3 team trade list doesn't mean anything. He doesn't have to pick playoff teams. Why is that so hard for you to grasp. It's not the 1st nor the last time such things occur.
The only one mad on here is you. This is typical capfriendly. Someone proposes an idea and all the "opinions" come out. Believe me I more than expect it, you are the only one with an emotional attachment to it. Because you have no open mindedness on anything.
But you don't have any real ground on any of it. The fact is I presented a very plausible trade. A. The Penguins appear to be a real cup contender, who indeed need forward help. B. Pavs will want to join an actual contender with a team he believes can win, and he can contribute what is missing. C. The penguins are not going to give up an arm and a leg to add. Not only have they stated that but their past actions under Hextall show that.

It's your failure to get these facts that makes it impossible for you to grasp it. You think DAL is only moving Pavs for some return that isn't coming. But the teams most likely to win don't have to offer that. They all know it. Because Pavs chooses the path, and Pavs chance at a cup is just as important to him as the team he goes to. Which means the trade value will be low. Which D. is a more common recurring theme, where the analytics has shown teams are walking away from such expensive trade deadline deals, especially on rentals.
So yeah good luck on figuring that out.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 17 at 1:31 p.m.
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>So take the bet then!!! No money or anything serious. Just CF clout and bragging rights. If your solution is SOOOO certain and based in reality and logical, you have an easy way to winning the bet. What's the issue? I'm essentially giving you better odds than I.

Doesn't even have to Pitt specifically. Like I said, Pavelski to Pit is not my contention. Its who you think has to go back in return that is. So lets put it in a friendly wager, where based on your opinion and analysis, you should have a greater chance of winning than I do.

Enough of this silly back and forth. There is literally nothing you can say that will lead me to believe you. (And vice versa I imagine)

THE BET - if you want to alter the bet parameters a little, let me know.

- Regardless of whichever team acquires Pavelski, Dallas will not receive more salary and/or term then they are losing to facilitate the trade. This is irregardless of whether Dallas retains salary on Pavs contract or not. If they DO receive a cap hit back, it will be a pending UFA's cap hit which will finish at season end so minimal actual dollars will be taken on. If the contract coming back is signed through next season as well (similar to Zuckers), it will be for no more than 2M cap hit MAXIMUM and this pushing it IMHO.

Winner gets to rub it in the losers face (within CF rules of course!).

DO YOU ACCEPT OR NOT?</div></div>

A. "rubbing it in" is already against the CF rules. You should know that already!
B. Your bet is meaningless. You want me to take a position that is clearly stated while yours is just some ambiguous not that.
You want to talk about skin in the game. Go ahead there tough guy, lets see your Pavs trade proposal.
Then we can make our friendly bet over which one it ends up being. But your ambiguous cowardly no real position isn't a bet.
So you just post yours any time you're ready
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 16 at 1:02 a.m.
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>Here you are still ignoring the stats I bring up and the importance of goaltending and the importance of defence. Did I say defence wins you games? I have not but it still play a a role in to winning games. Goaltending also plays a role in to winning games which is why the Islanders beat Pittsburgh. Simple as that. How do you think the series would’ve gone if Sorokin and Varlomov were doing as bad as Jarry did. You rely too much on the scoring. You still need the defence and goaltending. I will keep repeating this that you don’t win without defence and goaltending. The offence will always do it’s job. Those Stanley Cup winning teams always has a perfect mix of those. But the goaltending really shows a lot of importance. You don’t have that, there’s simply no winning. No defence, goalie faces too many shots. Offence only, you’d have to score a lot of goals a game because you have bad defence and a goalie facing too many shots. The game will always remain the same and it’ll really show. Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay don’t win their cups without their defence and goaltending. Because from your logic, teams in the past that had arguably better offence than them should’ve won the cup. But they didn’t because they were only an offensive powered team and nothing else. You’re offence only mindset is simply a dumb one. It’s an all round team that wins. Offence, defence, and goaltending. The ones that show the most in Cup runs is how well the goalie can stop the puck and how well the defence is able to shut down the opposing teams top lines. Which is what almost ever Cup winning team in the past 10 years had. They’re offence did their job, their defence had been disruptive to the opposing teams, and their goaltending actually making saves. They didn’t win strictly on offence as much as it helps.</div></div>

what stats, you didn't give any stats...
You just rambling at this point. As I said. You don't want to admit the skaters didn't get it done. You can ramble all day about goaltending. He put them in 2 OT games. 2, one went to double OT. How long do you need to score? You still haven't answered that question. It's not on the goalie when the forward group puts up 0 goals in a whole OT period is it? FFS dude, there is more then enough blame to go around. Stop pinning it on Jarry. He is the least of the concerns on the team right now. They need a scoring forward to help the lines because without it, it's gonna be the same crap where they can't get goals when they need them.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 16 at 12:58 a.m.
Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Again. Selling Ice to eskimo's.

I can see this is going nowhere with you. Hence why I said bet on it to prove your commitment. Put your money where your mouth is then. You can continue to back out and use the " Im only saying logical choice" BS but if its logical, then you have a higher chance of it happening. Why not take the bet? Your answer: Because teams are stupid or someone will overpay blah blah blah. Hence exactly why I'm telling you this will never happen. So your logical point is useless because even you believe it won't happen.

And the funniest thing is, you yourself say Dallas can move Zucker out "easily". So why doesn't Pittsburgh do this then and simply create the cap space needed to make this deal happen? Why is the onus on Dallas to do the Zucker trade and not Pit? Why does Dallas have to take on the extra work of moving Zucker afterwards when Pitt can simply do it? Its actually in PItts best interest to move out Zucker as soon as possible to accrue as much extra cap as possible. Dallas is still trying to make the playoffs so this trade, if it were to happen will happen near the TDL, no?

My god Pharrow, enough already. Doubling down on this silly point that has been disproven by your own statement is embarrassing. (Pit can easily trade Zucker then)</div></div>

PIT hasn't moved zucker out because LW depth is horrible and they aren't giving up assets. They have already stated that. What LW are they going to find to replace him. Come the offseason he's most likely going to be moved. But it's a bit late to make that move now with nothing coming back. It's not like he had a bad year last year, he had 9 goals in 38 games. That's almost a 20 goal pace. And he netted 2 in 6 playoff games. They didn't move him because they didn't see him as an issue.

You and your bet bet bet..... honestly it sounds pathetic. Everyone on here knows every single trade on here has little chance of happening. Not because of the trades themselves but simply because that's how it is. So you're obsession with that is just pathetic. Talk about stop doubling down.

You just have a hard time accepting reality. You think he's brining back a 1st +..... that's not happening. Get over it.
I am more than willing to bet you that's not happening no matter where he goes. Because he's gonna chose where that is and that's that.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 16 at 12:51 a.m.
Thread: Forward help
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 15 at 3:08 p.m.
Thread: Just an idea
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>And you know what those teams also had? Defence that shut down other teams top lines. Goaltending to actually stop the puck. You get no where only being an offensive powered team. You can’t win every game scoring the amount of goals you expect a team to, to win. That’s where you are lost. Look at how much praise goalies get for when they perform well in the playoffs. You yet again keep ignoring why Jarry’s performance was poor and why it had costed Pittsburgh some games. He had poor positioning and left too many holes open to score on. He failed to stop the puck to hold on to leads. He gave up bad goals at the worst times. How many championship teams in the past 10 years have had goalies giving up 3+ goals a game? How many of these games were blowout wins? You don’t get plenty of those in the playoffs these days. There was literally 5 shutouts by Tampa Bay in their cup run where they could have actually won those games 1-0. And then they won 6 games where Vasilevekiy only gave up 1 goal and could actually win with a minimum of 2 goals. So that makes 11 out of 16 wins were games that Vasilevekiy had won for Tampa Bay. Making your need for 3+ goals a game all the more invalid to me. This is the impact of goaltending in Stanley Cup runs. And yet you keep ignoring the impact they have and also the impact defence can have. You can’t rely on just scoring as much as it helps. There are more factors that build up to a cup winning team that you time and again keep ignoring.</div></div>

neither the penguins nor TB had some great defensive teams. The other team is too busy chasing the forward group all over the ice. It's the pressure they built and it's why both those teams have high Corsi, as they controlled possession and the pace of play. That's why they won. As I said, the best defense in the NHL is a good offense. It puts the other team on their heels.
This old mentality of defense wins in the NHL is ridiculous. Go look at the top defensive teams in the NHL those years they won. They didn't win cups.
PIT's defense was middle of the pack, they were not great, They won on their offense. It's why they never changed the system and the rest of the NHL tried to play catch up to them.
It's not even worth arguing this.
You blame the loss of the goalie, in your mind that's what it is. Well, that's not true. There is plenty of blame to go around. I've explained why on that over and over, you don't want to accept the fact that not putting a puck in a net in OT means you lose or that the forward group giving up two penalties putting the team down 2 goals and not managing to get any of them back causes you to lose games.
Well it does. None of that has anything to do with the goalie. It only takes 4 games to lose a series, there are 3 right there that the forward group helped lose. It's not "all" on Jarry. He's not the issue.
They need to score if they want to win another cup. They better find the forward help to get that done if they want to make a deep run.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Are....are we going to dance around the point that the contention here is not WHICH team he goes to but WHO you have in exchange for him? Pavelski being traded to Pit is perfectly fine. Just not for Zucker. Or any player similar to Zucker in cap hit, age and production.

If Pit can't make the trade because of their cap situation, then A) Pit can go out and trade Zucker to someone else to create the cap space or B) ask that Dallas retains 50%. Heck even a 3rd team can be added to retain extra. Just like with the Foligno, Janmark, Savard trades last year.

Then once that's done, pay Dallas a 1st rounder +, Because that's what he'll cost you. Not a player whose signed to an overpriced contract that has 11 points this year.

And if Pit doesn't like it. Fine. Don't do it. Then Dallas calls Arizona and VGK/TB and brokers a 3 way in which Dallas and Arizona retain 50% each, leaving Pavelski only costing 1.7M in cap which VGK/TB can now afford.

-Pavelski goes to a cup contender. Check.
-Dallas gets a 1st round pick. Check.
-Arizona gets an extra pick for a few months of retaining. Check.
-Pittsburgh doesn't have to trade Zucker anymore. Check.

Everyone happy.</div></div>

You don't get it, teams have walked away from trades like you are trying to suggest. The Foligno is a good example why.
Look at what PIT paid for Carter. They got 2 years on that deal not a rental. Carter came to PIT because he wanted to win, period. He wasn't just going anywhere.
He chose it, he controlled it. The return was not what one would have expected. It's going to be the same deal here. You are over here arguing the return of a 3rd. I have no idea even why.
Zucker will move out for cap reasons. You have this idea PIT is mortgaging the future to make this happen. They aren't.
Just like they didn't to get Carter.
If Pavs wants to come to PIT that's a reality you just refuse to accept. If that's the choice he makes to give him the best chance of winning a cup, DAL isn't blocking it. No matter what your wish for it is.
You act like Zucker is the issue here. He's not. DAL can easily move Zucker out. There are multiple teams that would take him for a small return. AZ, BUF are two. He's a 1 year deal so he's low risk high reward.
Someone take that.
These are realities. As I said before and I'll maintain it. Pavs is going to choose his own team, he will choose a place that A. gives him the best option of winning, and B. can fit him under the cap. I'm sure he'd love to join a team like TB.....but TB isn't going to fit him under a cap. So the options are very small here. PIT looks like a great fit.
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Thread: Forward help
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>1. Yes I do get it. It’s you who isn’t getting it. He has a 3 team trade list so if Dallas wants to trade him, you best believe he has to give a 3 team trade list. Dallas isn’t going to hamstring themselves. He can tell them which order he’d prefer as in most willing to least willing. And Dallas can try to get him to his most willing team, but they aren’t obligated by any means.
2. I used more than just Boston. But way to cherry pick I guess. And right, Boston has 1 center. And how much better they’d be with a second center like Pavs. It’d make them so much deeper.
You make no sense. In point one you say he doesn’t have to list 3 teams and he will choose where he wants to go, then in point two say he will list 3-4 teams. And how does that make Nashville out? They are literally leading their division lol. I was literally going through teams currently in the playoffs in my head to show literally every other playoff team could do better than this offer whether they send cap back or not. I never said all of those teams have a shot at him. Simply that they’d be able to one up a pavs for Zucker trade.
Again you seem to forget Pavs is a top 6 forward who plays center and wing. He’d take over as 2C in Boston moving Coyle down to 3C. Hmmm what looks like a better option, going to Boston where your 3C becomes Coyle, or Pittsburgh where your 3 C would be Carter? I’d say Coyle is more likely the better 3C. And that’s nothing against Carter.</div></div>

3 team trade list. OTT, CHI SEA...boom. non of those teams are trading for him. Want to move, get my permission.
He is in full control. He's not going to just compete. And YES, they are obliged to move him. It's extremely disrespectful to the player to not move him, and every one else is watching. Teams don't go burning bridges like that as it comes back to them.
Pavs isn't a center, he's a winger. You need legs to play center in the top 6. He's 37 years old. BOS is already hiding Bergeron at center trying to prevent him from playing a 200 foot game to save his legs.
That's been going on for years now. It's why DK was so exposed when his game fell apart. It's why the gigantic hole at center down the line up right now is so evident.
As far as NSH, good luck on that, that's not a team winning a cup and everyone knows that.
Fact is you really don't get it. It shows by your response. No he does not have to list 3 teams. As I just did above. He can control his future. That doesn't mean he's not narrowing it down to where he wants to be. He will choose where that is based on HIS belief on where he can win. No DAL isn't getting in the way of that. They don't benefit by doing that at all. It's neither good for them as a team or league.
So prepare for Pavs to have HIS team, the cost isn't really the issue.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>There’s plenty of goals to call out Jarry on. He even let shots past him that were just shots being thrown at the net. He had poor positioning at times and the Islanders took advantage of his poor positioning. I just pointed out a stat line to you from the Lightning you absolutely ignored. Your level of hockey you played means nothing. All there is to it is you only played hockey. It doesn’t mean anything or translate anything you know about the game in to the NHL’s level of hockey. You bring an offensive only mindset to the game it isn’t going to get you anywhere. Look at highly offensive teams in the past that have failed because they were mostly an offensive only team. Look at current highly powered offensive teams that have lost. You don’t get anywhere in the league with just offence. Your way of thinking would get a team no where</div></div>

It gets you no where?
TB and PIT own 4 of the last 6 cups. Come tell me it gets you no where.
Offense is the best defense in the NHL.

You just don't want to admit the forwards didn't get the job done. That's what it falls down to. In your mind the only person to blame is Jarry.
I hate to break it to you, that's no true. There is plenty of blame to go around, even the players know that.
They did not get it done in OT, they put the team in a bad position in the 4-1 loss and didn't do anything to help climb out of the spot they put the team in.
At the end of the day you can't blame the goalie for not putting the puck in the other teams net.
Those are some facts you're going to have to accept.
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