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I would be a great GM, hit me up NHL
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 24 at 6:11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FunMustBeAlways</b></div><div>Ehh I just really don’t see the upside. He’s not bad but he’s just kind of a washed prospect at this point. Don’t really see him jumping out of the AHL anytime. I’d love to be proven wrong though some of the tools are there.

Uhhh not sure where this is coming from but even if you don’t watch a ton of games, it’s pretty obvious Weatherby just isn’t that good. He was drafted as an overager, and put up less than a P/PG as a 23 y/o in the NCAA on a good UND team. I watched a few playoff games last year (although not many). But in those games it was brutally obvious that guys like Sanderson, JBD and Shane Pinto were much better prospects. The reason why people shouldn’t have slept on Caufield is cause he was putting up a GOAL a game as a 19-20 year old. I’m not saying I want him to not succeed, but he’s not better than Chmelevski, Gregor, Pederson, or Gambrell by any stretch of the imagination.</div></div>

it's the NCAA not the CHL. Players don't put up a PPG FFS.
There are many players who came out the NCAA not putting up a PPG from the NCAA. It's like saying, Bryan Rust must not be any good he didn't put up a PPG in the NCAA.
Meanwhile he's an easy top 6 winger on any team in the NHL.
Meanwhile guys who did put up a PPG, like ZAR are bottom 6 guys in the NHL, not that ZAR isn't a good player.
You are just so off base it's not even funny.

You want to rag on a kid who you clearly don't watch in a league you know nothing about.
His production for the NCAA level is solid. His size is A+ for the next level and he's not slow.
There is nothing not to like about this kid, and his ability to make the jump and play consistently at the NHL level.
Furthermore, at no point did Caulfield put up a PPG. The fact that you don't even know who he is, is very F ing telling.
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 22 at 2:20
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 19 at 11:17
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 15 at 7:28
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 15 at 5:40
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenkins</b></div><div>The problem with your theory is .... Toronto's 5th-13th players on the list are better than Vancouver's 5th-13th players.

And clearly Toronto's top 4 is better than Vancouver's top 4 ... and Toronto has 5 million extra to spend on the final 10.

Oh and BTW I was estimating Pettersson + Hughes + Boeser's contracts for next year ... and their on the low end.</div></div>

none of that has anything to do with anything about being top heavy.
You just realize that your math is way off, your comment was off, and now it's excuse time.
TOR is top heavy. Period. VAN hardly. The 5th-13th being better is neither here nor their. Being top heavy isn't about the talent level on the ice. It's about salary cap structure.
So why bother getting into some pissing contest over who's players are better. The fact that you had to go 13 deep to get there basically says, he down to the 4th line and 3rd pairing VAN pays more! Like WTF cares. That has nothing to do with being top heavy. Top 6 Top 4 Goalie you got 11. So you got most the 3rd line. It's basically the 4th line up. That's depth spending.

Clearly TOR has a better player in Matthews. But you're pushing your luck in saying Marner is. One could also argue that the Matthews contract sucks due to the length. So lets not pretend TOR did some great job in their top. They didn't. They over paid a lot. Almost no one wants that Marner contract. JT to 35 isn't exactly great and something teams probably don't want to hold onto.
If they were that much better than VAN how come those VAN players won a playoff round in the last 2 years and TOR has not?
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 15 at 2:53
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 15 at 6:04
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 15 at 5:55
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 13 at 7:55
Forum: NHL SigningsAug 13 at 7:51
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claesson4Norris</b></div><div>I'm like 90% sure you deliberately choose to have the worst takes about everything on this site as a bit, but on the 10% chance I'm wrong, it's really remarkable that you've never stumbled into a good take even by accident.

There's more to being a good fighter than just size. Look at the best fighters in NHL history, it's not just a list of big hulking monsters. Tiger Williams was 5'11, Rob Ray was 6'0, McSorley was 6'1 190, Dale Hunter was 5'10, Ken Deneyko was 6 flat, Domi was 5'10. Knowing how to fight matters more than just being big. Dave Dziurzynski was like 6'3 and like 230 lbs or something, and he was one of the worst fighters I've ever seen.

Don't get me wrong, Zac Rinaldo is a **** hockey player, and has no business being in the NHL, but he IS an enforcer. His sole job his entire career has been to come in, play like 8min a night, throw some big hits and to punch people. Now I don't think he was ever a notably good one, but if you don't think he qualifies, you don't know what the term Enforcer has meant in the NHL for the last decade or so.</div></div>

When people who have horrible takes want to talk about other peoples takes.
Your "enforcer" has had 3 so called fights in the last 3 years.
Lets see, in 2019 he had this "massive" brawl with Clifford.
clearly worth one of those "game misconducts"
Then there is 2020, where he god rag dolled by Deslauriers in his only fight of the year. A fight he clearly had no business taking, Hell the guy even let up on him because he knew he was 7 inches taller and like 40+ pounds heavier. But you know "enforcers"
The last one in 2021against Watson, who honestly looked like he didn't even want to drop gloves against the much smaller player. Not that I blame Watson, he's taken so much heat, he probably didn't want to hear it going after someone 1/2 his size.

But yet here is your incredibly bad take about what an "enforcer" is.
The winter Olympics is soon. You'll be able to enjoy all the figure skating you want.
Rinaldo is not an enforcer. Period.
He is a tough little player who hits. That's part of hockey. But trying to sit here and say he's an enforcer is like trying to say Brandon Tanev is an enforcer. He's not. Everyone knows he's not.
He might get into an occasional scrap now and then due to his physical style of play. But that doesn't make him an enforcer. Everyone in the hockey world knows this. He's not the guy you are rolling out there to go fight after someone does something dirty against your team. He's too damn small.

But sure thing, the guy who got into 3 "fights" in the last 3 years is an "enforcer". Hot take there on your part.