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I would be a great GM, hit me up NHL
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Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 1:41 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>blowing_the_zone</b></div><div>yeah, I dunno pharrow. I mean, I agree with your last three sentences almost completely, with only a little quibble on not seeing it all with this leafs team.

I think we saw it often over the year, its just wasn't been sustained. The leafs were right there with Boston again this year and outplayed them for long stretches throughout the series.. but I think they did that mostly on skill.

I really think that alot of them have tuned Babcock out... That his double standards, rhetoric, decisions and inability to adapt when things weren't working took a toll on their buy-in. Now, that's no excuse and Dubas and company will need to decide if the roster needs a shakeup or if the coaching staff does in order to get the collective, full team buy-in and committed drive required to win.

For my money I hope this group is given a shot to be fully assessed under a different coaching regime before the roster is blown up. The group is too young and talented not to take that gamble, imo - and alot of energy, time, effort and mula has gone into developing them... Cause once you trade them, you don't usually get them back. And if the coaching, in fact, partly holds the blame, then where are we left 2 to 3 years from now?

I think the leafs are set-up really well, with a good pipeline of prospects on the way. Too early to start taking it apart now. Keep the offense in tact. Be patient with D development, even if it means a step back. I think it'd do the leafs well to let them develop as a group, and to stop looking outside for quick short term fixes. We need to be real - we have a ways to go..</div></div>

All I know is they got torn up by Bergeron in the faceoff circle and it cost this team big time. They brought in JT just for that sort of thing. And Matthews is suppose to be a generational talent.
Bergeron was never put in those sort of words, they were saved for Crosby and Ov.
They have to have the compete level to step up to an aging 33 year old center and win. That's what it means to be the next "great" you have to actually beat the players you want to replace. Not wait for them to fade out.
I don't think it's the coach. He's not a bad coach at all. They needed to play harder. You have to want to win. Boston did, Toronto didn't.
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 1:35 am
Thread: Pittsburgh
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhatsaMaattaWithYou</b></div><div>Just about every post and comment you make about the Penguins is ridiculous and makes people lose brain cells. With over 4k posts, one would presume you would know more about hockey than you do. Maybe spend more time educating yourself on the sport and less time giving lowbrow opinions. This last comment cements that sentiment. What you typed was contradictory in the point you are trying to prove. I suggest you reread it. Don't come at me saying "period' and tell me to watch the games when your evaluation of players is elementary at best. You probably think Garrett Wilson deserves to hold a regular roster spot.

The fact I need to even break this down for you is crazy. It'll be even more frustrating because you won't understand what I'm going to say and you will respond by repeating yourself but I will make it very simple to follow for you and I will even highlight it.

Here we go...

<strong>Offense (scoring), is driven by the defensemen. The defense must be able to transition the puck to the forwards and the forwards make offensive zone entries while maintaining puck possession. It takes little to no skill to chip the puck up off the glass or soft dump it out of the zone. </strong>

You wanna blame the only 2 defensemen on the team with puck moving ability but have admiration for the defensemen who are have zero offensive upside and defend averagely. How about the entire team played terrible? That's where the blame should be placed. They showed no heart. They don't want to go to the dirty areas, fail to win loose puck battles and did not play playoff hockey. Zero effort whatsoever. They have become complacent and stale.</div></div>

I'll tell you what "hockey pro" you let me know when you want to come lace up skates with me and we'll see all about your hockey knowledge.

You have not a clue what you are talking about. Clearly defensemen retrieve pucks that are dumped it. But they don't generate an offense. That is not and never will be what their main job is.
And as much as you think not getting the puck out of their zone is on defense men, 90% of the time it's usually because a forward didn't do his job.
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Thread: Pittsburgh
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Thread: Pittsburgh
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 1:23 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhatsaMaattaWithYou</b></div><div>Hold on a minute. On other threads you were supporting Jack Johnson saying he's serviceable and on an ok contract. Now you are saying otherwise. On top of that you are defending a player (Maatta) who was scratched 3 out of 4 playoff games over a player with arguably one of the worst possession analytics stats in all of hockey (Johnson). A player that's so slow, a 70 yr old with a cane could beat him in a foot race and makes panic decisions with the puck because he shies away from being hit.

The whole +/- stat is outdated and again, you keep using "old time hockey" argument points. Your opinions are yours alone and you have every right to believe whatever it is you believe is the truth but to keep arguing with everyone on basically the same subjects over and over again is a bit silly.</div></div>

I have stated multiple times that JJ played horribly on the right side. He has no business there and it showed. He was only there because Schultz got hurt and they had no one else capable of filling that role.
So I don't really see how that's contradicting anything. At no time should those two players, and frankly and two LHD be on the ice together. It screws up the whole team because it's very hard to back hand a puck across the ice and that limits your ability to exit the zone and generate offense.

So I don't really get how you think that's a contradiction. You act like I haven't pointed out how annoying it is when people list TOP 50 each position and then they list Defense instead of LHD and RHD as if they are interchangeable and it doesn't matter.

The +/- stat means a lot when you play on the right and it's a -20 and when you play on the left and it's a +16. I think you can figure that out.
JJ takes a lot of heat, some of it is deserved other times it isn't. Like when his coach leaves him on the RHD side, and his line mates pinch leaving him exposed.