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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Random2152</b></div><div>Damn dude, comparing him to another player is Leafs homerism all of a sudden?!? Christ we just have the holy trinity of idiots here don't we. Pharrow, Hockeyfanatic, and yourself.

You keep citing that he is in his second year as if that is that is a large sample size that proves him in anyway more than Holl. Toi means very little, role matters a ton. Holl is on our shut down pair playing top comp each night, Peterson is not. I will say it again, I like him as a defender, but he is a bottom 4 guy who can play on your second pair in a pinch and you paid him like a top 4 guy. That is an overpay.

And Holl IS on our shut down pair. That isn't an opinion, rather a fact. Citing that isn't being a homer lol.

3)Justin Holl is our Shutdown Dman playing against McDavids. I very much doubt that Peterson has a bigger role.
4)Maybe, but I don't see it
5)No he didn't. He took his QA the same way Mango did last year to get a larger sample size and try for a bigger contract now. It was a calculated bet on himself, not a discount. It also has no relevance to this contract.

I actually agree with this. My contention is that they paid too much, even for a bet. Should have been 3-4@3 ish.</div></div>

It's the going rate man. Believe me it could have been much much worse. Look at Chabot who got 8 million.
It's not like he signed a deal like Carlo where Carlo is just trying to get to or as close to FA as he can. He signed past getting a UFA year.
Especially after taking this year at a discount. He should be making more than what he is right now. You look at what he got this year. If you think 3, ok, that's 2 million spread out over 5 years, it's 400k off. So he's at like 3.625 a year on that 5 year deal on basically a 6 year deal. It's a great deal.
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