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Forum: NHL13 hours ago
Ducks Anaheim has lost out on every player they've chased for the last year+. The good news is Getzlaf will have his 8.25 mil come off and at 36 will be extending at a much lower number expectedly. They also get Backes off their books so Cap space won't be an issues. The problem is most of their you assets are middling out becoming good enough to play in the NHL but not good enough to be top talent or top trade bait. Zegras is a possible exception but they cannot trade him. Nor would they like to. So the issue is getting top end talent. I think the way to do that is to lose. This team needs to win a draft lottery. Rakell and Lindholm have one year left after this. They need to extend or trade these two sooner rather than later. If they keep treading water they will waste John Gibson's entire career.

Coyotes Will they try to trade OEL again in the offseason? If they do they will be in the market for almost an entire defense unit. 4 of their top 7 are UFA's and if you add OEL to that there's nothing left. Their young forwards look great, Conor Garland is a stud but his contract is up and when he gets paid what will be available for D. Gotta move OEL, gotta get back one young D who can play now in the deal and they will have a busy free agency. Team is very close to being a top 10 team in the NHL. Just not there yet.

Bruins Krejci needs a contract. So does their goalie. Once that is done this team cannot keep masking it's lack of forward depth with good coaching forever. Soon as they lose a member of their disgusting top line the team can't score. As of Friday night they have 7 goals through 4 games. Tied with Dallas for last and Dallas was just finishing game 1 of their season. If they want to keep pushing for cups now it will take trading futures for forward depth and a veteran D to replace all they lost recently.

Sabres Man this team is close. Questions in net (Ullmark looks fine but he can't play 60 games) They have so many free agents after this season that there is no predicting how many will come back. I think this team needs two years regardless. They can compete for the playoffs now but if you want more than that they need to have a defense core built around Dahlin and not Ristolainen. When Risto's contract is up hopefully they will let him walk. I don't believe a team can win if you're paying him dollar bills. Reinhart's cost is gonna be a question too.

Flames Forwards are good. Defense is fine. Players have term. Goalie is stout. The only worry is who do they lose to Seattle because it's gonna be someone good. If there was ever a team that would pay a first rounder for draft considerations it should be Calgary. If they got rid of Lucic instead of losing a good player that would be the icing on the cake and the last thing they need to chase a free agent and go for a cup.

Hurricanes If the goaltending holds up this bunch of jerks can be a playoff mainstay for the next decade. Mrazek and/or Reimer need new contracts, but this is about Dougie. If they can keep Dougie then that will be the win of the offseason. They gain 2 mil with a Semin buyout coming off and they might have to send every penny to Hamilton. They are likely to lose a defensemen to Seattle but replacing one guy is nothing abnormal these days.

Blackhawks Dear fantasy traders. Stop. Trying. To. Trade. Toews. To. Winnipeg. Chicago is not going to be competing for a while. No goaltending, their top 2 defensemen are collecting a pension, it's a mess. But there are some guys you just have to reward for getting you 3 cups. Towes, Keith and Seabrook are Hawks until they retire. Kane is too if he wants to be. If Chicago wants to do something crazy it would be Kane to a contender with some salary retained but that's up to Patrick more than the team. You are going to watch them ride out DeBrincat's contract and hope to extend, Kubalik and hope to extend, Dach and obviously extend, then, in 2025 you can play hockey again. This is the cost of winning sometimes.

Avalanche The debatable best team in hockey shouldn't need to do much. Depends also on Seattle but basically they have to let Saad walk, resign Landeskog, Grubauer and Makar and make the money work. The major hope is whoever Seattle takes has some money on his deal that they can give to Makar. And that Gabe keeps the team friendly trend going. Must be nice to have a team that's criminally underpaid. I'm not jealous...

Blue Jackets Extend Laine or you lose this trade. Other than that, try to keep or get assets for David Savard at the deadline. I would trade Tyler Myers for him in a minute if I could. Not that Columbus should do that.

Stars Overperformed last season but clearly a good team. No idea how they're gonna handle Heiskanen's second contract coming up. Even if Seattle helps them this is gonna be tricky. They might have to get worse next season like Vancouver is doing right now just to survive this cap. Then Pavelski and Radulov come off the books and they can bounce back. Time will tell.

Red Wings I don't understand why Steve Yzerman wasn't using his cap for leverage at least by eating one year deals but my only reasoning would be that the owners don't want to spend. Which would make sense in a city like Detroit with it's struggles. Ignoring that possibility, Bertuzzi and Hronek need a contract and you have a ton of UFA's but Detroit has become the island of misfit toys and you can pick up a Bobby Ryan for 700k-1mil a bunch of guys like that and you can fill out a team with minimal risk. It's gonna take some time in Detroit but the beginning is there for a competitive team.

Oilers I don't get it. I just don't get it. People are asking how close this team is to winning the North. People are happy with the back end of this team. Who are these people and what gave them this idea? You have 2 superstars, 1 star (RNH) 2 stud defensemen (Nurse, Klefbom) and 2 great defensive prospects. That isn't a hockey team. Yeah Yamamoto is a real boy, he's gonna be good. You could put a staring five together that rivals anyone. Then what. You need some meat and potatoes guys (Turris is a start) and some trust in a young D core. Oh and goaltending. You can't win in the playoffs or probably even make the playoffs with Koskinen. He's just not that guy.

Panthers Things to know. Their goaltending is decided. If Bob is good, then good. If Bob is bad, then shucks. But Bob is goalie and goalie will goal. Don't think you're getting out of this deal, no trade and retain, nothing. This team should lose a defensemen to Seattle, so expect some patchwork there. And Barkov is not getting traded. He would have to want out and even then it would be mid next year before anything happens. Expect very little movement from these guys. they're good. They just got a bunch of undervalued players, Hornqvist, Duclair, Wennberg. Just hope Bob returns to form and maybe you can pull a Dallas run.

Kings Good trades got them some prospects. They're farther along on the rebuild than people realize. Doughty and Kopitar are stuck eating 21 million until the sun explodes but that, like Chicago is the price of winning cups. I like the youth, I like the direction, we'll see them again in a couple years.

Wild Krillswitch Engage. Here's a hot ass take. This team is really good. Like one tier below Colorado, Vegas and Tampa. The only question was in net and every Wild fan who saw Kahkonen play in the minors and in Liiga they love him. He seems good too. This team can compete right now. Doubter beware.

Habs Team is great. They can score, they're big, they made the heist of the offseason getting JOSH ANDERSON for max domi. (see what I did there) The only thing this team is missing is experience. They'll get some this postseason.
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