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What is the highest youll be welling to give for Nate Thompson 4C

Jan 20 at 1:49
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Great veteran, great at faceoffs and good defensively

What would you give ?

Dont comment if you’re going to say 6th or 7th round pick or D prospect

Jan 20 at 1:51
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As a habs fan, I don't expect more than a 5th
Jan 20 at 1:51
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we should be thrilled to get a 5th
Jan 20 at 1:51
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Quoting: nich26
As a habs fan, I don't expect more than a 5th

I’m sure someone will give at least a 4th, hopefully a 3rd but doubt
Jan 20 at 1:52
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5th + Ho-Sang.
Jan 20 at 1:52
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Probably at 7th...
Jan 20 at 1:55
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His value hasn't changed much since last time he was traded, so I think he'll go for a 4th or 5th rounder again
Jan 20 at 1:58
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Could probably imagine giving up a 6th or a 7th or some D prospect
Jan 20 at 2:05
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I think a 4th is absolutely pushing it. A 5th is the best we can reasonably hope for which is what the Habs paid originally. Kind of will depend on the market for a 4th line vet centerman. I mean, its not like the Habs are the only ones who have a guy like that available..... plus as decent as Thompson has been, let's not exaggerate either. He's a 4th liner in Montreal and more than likely 4th line/13th forward depth guy on a contender...

It could very well be a 6th or a 7th or a D prospect though so I'm not sure whats the point of saying that in your description?
Jan 20 at 2:06
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I’d say at max you’d get a 2nd if you were willing to add a 4th to the trade. In 2012 Buffalo traded Paul Gaustad and a 4th to Nashville for a 2012 1st. Granted the 4th ended up being Juuse Saros and the 1st ended up being Mark Jankowski....

I do to them Thompson is as good as Gaustad was and also don’t think a team is going to pay that much for a 4th line center.
GMs liked this.
Jan 20 at 4:16
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A 5th is at the max for me. Nate Thompson has been a replacement-level player, or even below replacement-level his entire career. Sure he may be a 4C on the Habs but he's an AHLer for say, the Panthers.
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