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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>If you honestly blame a teenager for expecting to be drafted higher and getting disappointed after it didn't happen, you don't really take account that these players are just humans. Just imagine yourself being in that same spot, you've just basically been told that you're going to be picked to this one team, and then at the draft day the rug gets pulled under your legs. I don't know what kind of psycopath one would have to be if they didn't feel bad after that, and maybe shedding a tear or two is a pretty fair reaction from a kid at that point.

To me it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of him being a human. And respectively, he's played well as a prospect for ARI, despite being unlucky with injuries.

Oh, and some teams would absolutely pay up premium prices for him. He's still good enough with high ceiling in potential and his contract is pretty great.</div></div>
Professionals dont act that way and Junior players atleast are more mature then this.
i think it comes from Canadian Junior mirroring the NHL schedule and playoffs
you can have his weakness , we dont want it as shown when we passed on him

He's done nothing more then Beaulieu has but atleast Nathan could stay healthy .
you're putting to much stock in what might happen in fairy tale land and none on what he's accomplished .
character issues aside he's a top 10 projected D who was ranked #4OA among NA skaters but taken #16 OA
you know when this happens? when teams question the players attitude like with Merkley for example (as well as when they committ to KHL teams )

D'angelo was a better player with character issues that ARZ also drafted after he dropped in the draft.he was bullying his teammates and was traded from a championship hopeful team to a non playoff team his draft year for it and ARZ took him (only to move him first chance they got despite an embarassingly weak RD core )

They'd move Chychrun to if offered a open line up player like they were Stepan for D'angelo and i believe the #7OA pick
not saying MTL is a good fit , we're not as we have Romanov and Mete plus 3 other really decent LD prospects who all overachieved this year and are ahead of projections.

MTL needs a undisputed top RD prospect to develop for 2-3 seasons out when Weber has his career ending injury (it'll happen because he keeps playing through injuries for non playoff rosters)
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