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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>As far as where Sergachev was drafted vs where he is.
where he was drafted doesnt overrule his value anymore then where TBL draft D'angelo undermines his .
Most 1st round picks dont make the NHL as a regular for more then a few seasons
we're not guaranteeing them nothing especially with how weak this year D crop is outside Drysdale its all projects needing 2-3 years development.

Segachev is physical , aggressive while being skilled and consistent at such a young age.
You find a D like that maybe a dozen times in a decade if you're lucky

Mete's minutes and production just dont justify him being considered more then a 3rd pair special teams player with a marginal value
Unlike Gallagher this dog has no fight in him so he 5'9 D has limited potential to get better

That and Evans i can live with paying if it gives a 22+ minute top LD who's still young and coming off his ELC.
Seems fair to me even if TBL drafts another solid player MTL now has Sergachev-Weber,Romanov-Petry,Chiarot-Fleury for the forseeable future.

Sounds like MTL becomes young and strong enough to make an impact long term while learning from Weber</div></div>

Agreed nothing is guaranteed in the draft, but I don't think that means we should be trading our top 10 pick plus to a team who has no leverage due to their salary cap issues.

MTL gave up Sergachev for Drouin in a year in which:
- TB did not have cap space to sign Drouin
- TB did not want to protect Drouin in the expansion draft
- Drouin had previously asked for a trade out of TB

All that and we still traded away our best prospect. We then gave Drouin $5.5M which ended up leading to not enough $$$ to re-sign Radulov or Markov who walked for nothing.

The trade you are proposing has the same elements (we will have to sign Gallagher, danault, tatar, armia, petry after next season).

The purpose of my trade is to try steal a player from a team in cap trouble, not to help a team out of a cap crunch.

Also, I think we will be losing Chiarot in the expansion draft if we make this trade. One defenseman for sure.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>LD Depth Chart behind Mete
(overachievers only ,we got more doing good )

RD in our depth chart behind Petry

That's its for RD with all facing set backs
Fleury was sent down for being inconsistent
Juulsens suffering head injuries similar to Patrick Noloan or Blake Comeaus and needs time
Brook had a horrible start to his rookie year pro and just started playing well before the season was ended .(if he makes the NHL i'd be surprised as he's reminding me more and more of Matt Taromina as he just wont learn to defend his own end )

our RD is bad and unless we bulk draft another 7 D over the next few drafts like we did when our LD was this low
then right now our immediate need is a Henri Jokiharu type RD who's in the NHL playing a role but has potential to develop into a top 4 Regular and hopefully if we're lucky a #1 OA RD.

Connor Timmons makes a lot of sense to as does many players.
It wont be Juulsen though as he came back for 12 years after missing the year and on new years was removed from the ice and taken to the hospital after being boarded.
Since this incident its media black out on all Juulsen related content. When Media members asked their questions are skipped .
His career is likely over or if we're lucky he'll take time to repair and in a year or 2 come back stronger like Blake Coleman (but Blakes a stubborn guy who like to push himself where as Juulsen just not)</div></div>

So here’s my question to you, if we traded either Tatar or Domi for Timmins would you still extend Petry or would you trade him.
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 2 at 3:48
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Lundell fits what we need and replaces Ylonen in our depth charts now that he's over here in Laval.
Ylonen like his dad will become a reliable middle 6 forward for us good for 30-40 points (his dad was actually quite decent)

i think the only other player more tempting then Lundel is Askarov who's touted the best Goalie since Price was drafted.
We got Price and Primeau but passing up on a Askarov would be slim as he'll be in Russia for 3-4 years developing at which point Price will be 36-37.
Seems smart to have someone come in and play tandem with Primeau post Price</div></div>

I would not be mad about picking Lundell, I just would not be thrilled either. At our position, all players are 2-3 years away of having an impact in the NHL anyway. I just think we had enough safe picks in the first round those last few years (KK, Poehling, Juulsen). I want a homerun type of player like Rossi, Raymond or Perfetti. Its been years and years and years without an electrifying player with pure skills. A player who can change the pace of a game on its own. Suzuki has this potentiel but we didnt even drafted him. Caufield can maybe do it too but he will probably be a unidimensional type of player (a very good one but still). Galchenyuk was supposed to be one but a lot of circumstances on and off the ice have made that it didnt happen (still think it was a good pick).

As for Askarov, it would be a nice pick for sure but I would be very disappointed too. Not about the player but more about the statement and what it means in the next couple of years. Sure its nice to know a real top goalie is developping until Price is done but I feel like picking one this high is just a waste of assets. You can always pick up a very decent prospect at that position in other rounds. Only Vasilevsky, Price and Flower were top goaltender picked up in the top 20 since almost 20 years from what I can remember. Rask, Quick, Gibson, Bishop, Hellebyuck, Holtby, Hart, Binnigton and a lot of other goalies were 2nd, 3rd or later round picks (some even undrafted).

We already have Primeau as a very good prospect and still have a lot of time to find others before we realize Price cant do the job anymore or Primeau cant replace him.

Where we are right now in the retool, Askarov, as good as he could be, is not the good choice IMO. I dont want the habs to pick Lundell but I would still prefer him over Askarov.
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 25 at 10:07
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Professionals dont act that way and Junior players atleast are more mature then this.
i think it comes from Canadian Junior mirroring the NHL schedule and playoffs
you can have his weakness , we dont want it as shown when we passed on him

He's done nothing more then Beaulieu has but atleast Nathan could stay healthy .
you're putting to much stock in what might happen in fairy tale land and none on what he's accomplished .
character issues aside he's a top 10 projected D who was ranked #4OA among NA skaters but taken #16 OA
you know when this happens? when teams question the players attitude like with Merkley for example (as well as when they committ to KHL teams )

D'angelo was a better player with character issues that ARZ also drafted after he dropped in the draft.he was bullying his teammates and was traded from a championship hopeful team to a non playoff team his draft year for it and ARZ took him (only to move him first chance they got despite an embarassingly weak RD core )

They'd move Chychrun to if offered a open line up player like they were Stepan for D'angelo and i believe the #7OA pick
not saying MTL is a good fit , we're not as we have Romanov and Mete plus 3 other really decent LD prospects who all overachieved this year and are ahead of projections.

MTL needs a undisputed top RD prospect to develop for 2-3 seasons out when Weber has his career ending injury (it'll happen because he keeps playing through injuries for non playoff rosters)</div></div>

Rarely D-men tend to do much during their first couple of years in the league. They're not in the team scoring in high rate, they're there to defend the goals and his done well enough to still be considered a valuable asset by pretty much everyone except you apparently.

ARI didn't draft DeAngelo. TB did. Although he was moved to ARI for the same reasons.

ARI also received Raanta in that Stepan trade. They needed a 1G and they got what they wanted.
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 25 at 9:13