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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MethodMan</b></div><div>Typical Leafs fans that don't watch the late games because it is past their bedtime. I'll address both you at once.

Lucic is not a good contract, but the worst? Not since the Oilers are paying him 750K and he rebounded in play to be a fairly valuable asset in the second half and the playoffs..... oh and to get that bad contract, we moved out an equally bad contract. While overpaid, he's not the worst contract in the league, that honor is clearly bestowed upon Bobrovky.

See but another thing is, every GM signs some bad contracts, Dubas on the other hand, seems to like to give every player 2m+ too much and while you aren't stuck with an egregious contract, it hurts the trade value of all of your players and you end up having to dump multiple poor contracts rather than 1 bad one.

As for us losing 2 of our top 3 defensemen to free agency.... what the **** are you talking about? We are potentially losing 1 to free agency, as Rasmus Andersson was very clearly equal with Brodie last season and Hanifin was right behind them, both considerably better than Hamonic who fell off the map this past season, who is I assume is who you think our #3 defenseman is. We also have Valimaki returning, who was already looking like a top 4 defenseman prior to his injury and is already absolutely killing in in Finland on his COVID loan. We also signed Mackey who by all accounts is NHL ready. Then we have Kylington ready for a regular role too and Yelesin in the AHL also ready to step in. Also, shall I mention the irony of a Leafs fan talking defense? You guys have a #1 and a #3, you have a couple kids with potential that haven't shown squat. Your blueline is as barren as my sex life.</div></div>

And I thought most Leaf fans were delusional...