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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>First and foremost, this is a great comment with actual dialogue.

1. No, that goaltending Duo is no where near good enough. The issue I have is who can the Oilers get this offseason realistically? Keumper likely resigns in COL, Campbell no thanks, Fluery won't come, Husso maybe but he scares me
2. Keith &amp; Smith both should retire and I hope they do, if they do the bigger question is how does KH spend that money
3. Kassian is either dumped or bought out imo, that being said Myers could play in a 3rd pair role
4. Armia is having a very down season, but in the past he has played as a responsible 2 way fwd. Perhaps you could get MTL to retain more salary but in a 3rd line role I think he could succeed in EDM
5. Tuch is the contract comp for JP &amp; Kapanen is the contract comp for Yam
6. Kane has been a great add for EDM, I would prefer a 2 yr deal with guys like Holloway &amp; Broberg needing deals in 2024/2025
7. Barrie is a valuable player, possibly worth a 1st round pick to some teams. My issue with him is I see him as a redundancy due to Bouchard, who moves the puck well on the PP and 5v5 (yes there are still some growing pains happening).</div></div>

1) I do agree the goalie free agency market is very dry this offseason, so unless a big trade is possible, we won't be blown away by improvements made. Having said that, if you can keep it to 3 years at a reasonable AAV, Husso might be the play. He looks like a steady goalie. With the small sample size, obviously there is risk (ex. Dreidger)
2) My guess is any free money goes to more washed up vets or guys he liked in Detroit. Seems to be a pattern here.
3) Yep
4) I know he has had good years in the past and everyone on MTL is playing pretty poor aside from a few people, but even with retention, thats just not a good player to target. At $2.5M, if everything goes to plan and he bounces back, he is worth his contract. Anything less than his best makes it a bad contract. Oilers can't afford anymore bad contracts. With all the dead cap space, and now Nurses albatross of a contract, this team does not have many bargain contracts (McD, Drai, Nuge, Kane are pretty much it (not including ELCs)). Not to mention you want Holloway in the top 9, so no need for a player like Armia.
5) Agree
6) Agree
7) I never really understood that argument. "Bouchards emergence" makes Barrie expendable??? This team has been dying for puck movers on the back. That is not a strength of Nurse, Kulak, Keith, Ceci, or Russell. With the speed of todays game, its a super valuable skill. Bouchard is putting up decent offensive numbers, but he is consistently losing battles and looking flustered all over the ice. He is a long ways away from being a trusted dman. We even saw this season already, the game both Barrie and Bouchard were out of the lineup. They spent the whole game in their dzone and when they had pps, couldn't hold offensive possession for more than 10 seconds. It was one of their worst games of the season. I will certainly agree that if you can find a cheaper player that can be as effective as Barrie, then I have no problem moving him, but I don't know who that is. Like the second Bouchard were to miss and game, you immediately go to Keith running the pp? Because thats where we are at right now. Nurse looks bad on the pp. Idk, I just feel like Barrie brings a valuable skill set and is by no means overpaid for what he bring.
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