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Let me be the first to say this is dumb. Why would you dismantle the team when you get Bedard?

Why trade hoggy? He had a phenomenal year?
Boeser with that cap retention is worth more than that...and we would ask for a prospect.

I think you get something much better if you package Rathbone with someone or something. Almost the same with garland. Maybe together for a 3C or Dman. Fabbro maybe? ...but maybe not, so similar to bear. Idk.

Why O'Reilly? Has he helped the Maple Leafs win a cup...nope. He is on the back half of his career. Lots of risk especially with his age and injury and the **** year he has had.

Repeat after me..."Canucks are not buying out OEL this year!"
Gavrikov will likely get that, but not worth that.
Severson is a big risk for that much term.
I love the eagle and not so much ugly-E, but his time has come and gone with Vancouver. Forever a 2011 champ and big in hearts of Canucks fans.
More likely to have internal competition for a spot...Dermott, Poolman, Wolanin, Brisebois, Hirose for the bottom spots.
Canucks Trade Myers if they can but his contract and bonus signing make it likely impossible at least extremely difficult. His 5 mil bonus gets paid Sept 15 after many rosters are set and training camps have started.

Pearson is likely done, not traded, not playing.
Rittich ...really? Why? Where and when was he last a good reliable nhl tender? Is he that much better than Martin and Silvos? I don't think we resign Delia. Maybe look for another cheap goalie option or a veteran better than Rittich on a short term low money deal.....what about hometown deal with Martin Jones, maybe a little more for him, say 1.75mil for 2 years. If he doesn't work out then flip or send down and bring up Martin or silvos.