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Thread: Casey
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ennis</b></div><div>Weird way to look at it. It's worth noting GM's don't value the retention slots like pretentious fans on CF do. Hell, David Poile opted to retain 250k on Ekholm. If somebody made that trade prior to when it happened, people would have been up in arms over using a retention slot for that little amount of money.

<strong>I made this in the event that Montreal opts not to make any big trades involving retention and they want to move Casey for a mid pick. And to be honest, I'd rather take a mid pick at the TDL for him than to just waive him and potentially lose him for nothing. </strong>

How is Montreal shooting themselves in the foot? You're acting like I traded Gallaghers contract 50% retained. I just moved a 1B/3rd string goalie, that no, Montreal doesn't really need. They have Monty, Allen, and Primeau. Montreal is nowhere close to contention, especially in the Atlantic. If they don't plan on making any moves retaining on any players, why not get a pick out of it? If they can sell Casey without retention, even better.

Let's not forget we're being stingy over a backup goalie that Montreal doesn't really have use for. It's all just a hypothetical anyway lmfao.</div></div>

Your position is that its a weird way to look at it because you made a ton of big assumptions and didn't bother writing any of them down? Lol.

Yes, this trade makes sense if its half a year from now, Montreal holds on to 4 goaltenders for all that time, and doesn't have any better use of its retention spot.
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Thread: Casey
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