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I wouldn't mind modifying a couple picks. Byfield would be a given at 2 and I like Helge Grans so lets keep that one too. I really don't think Jarvis will be available in the 2nd round. Even though Lapierre has good skills and the Sens can afford to take a risk, his 3 concussions are worrisome. A couple more and he I'd be concerned for his future health. It's also easier to get them the more you have. So having said that I'd like to revamp to the 3rd round and tell me what you think. I used draft site as the mock for pick selection. But I definitely think there will be lots of movement as to where players go from the 2nd round on.

2. Byfield
3. Drysdale
21. Amirov - even though he's a lefty, he plays RW. I don't think he'd be available past 20 but he doesn't have any glaring deficiencies. If he's gone, I'd look at either Mavrik Bourque or Jacob Perreault. Both play C and shoot right. Perreault is more of a sniper and Bourque a playmaker. I don't think it would be hard to move them to wing.
33. Helge Grans - I don't think he's lasting much past the top of round 2
46. Justin Sourdif - Great stick handling and skater C/RW
52. Joni Jurmo - Big LHD. Apparently high hockey IQ and good mobility.
53. Kasper Simontaival - Small RW with explosive shot and good passes. 25 goals and over a ppg in finnish junior
64. Jean-Luc Foundy - Reminds me of Formenton when everything need to catch up to how fast he is.
74. Brandon Coe - Needs some work but played on a bad NB Battalion team. If he's not available i'd look at Jack Finley. Yes another big center but one of the youngest players in the class and has room to develop

After this I dunno, flip a coin
I realize I took a lot of right handed wingers but I can't help it if there seems to be a lot of interesting ones this year haha.
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