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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Forgive me if i'm wrong but isnt your teams top scorers leading the entire league and still you're team standings are in the middle of the pack ?

That screams your D core needs tightening or your goalie's struggling .
given your Tandem is uniquely balanced i gotta look to the gaping hold in your top 4 RD .
Bring Bouchard up isnt the answer but a trade for Petry , D'angelo or Even a cheaper option in a Colin Miller would create better odds.

As would realizing you cant choose not to replace Russel's shot blocking role without screwing your tandem hard .
Maybe a trade with VAN for Jo Benn who's not a fit there it seems but can play RD as before MTL its the only role he had the option to play.
Benns not only a good shot blocker but a reliable hitter something Russell is not .

i think A'angelo and Benn could address your D issues better then Jones and Bouchard because come playoffs they're big and tough enough to battle hard.(Jones and Bouchard will be but not quite there )</div></div>

D is fine, it's trades like these that will actually kill the team. Yes we need a top 6 forward and a third line centre, but not at the cost of a top 4 defenceman who's helping us win games at the moment. We can acquire top 6 forward with picks/prospects without subtracting from our current lineup.

For the record, we could have the two leading scorers and still be middle of the pack. That's because 2 players do not win the Stanley Cup, 23 players and good coaching does. What the team really needs is depth at forward because 2 players cannot carry the whole team.