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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DougieGilmour</b></div><div>Marner’s contract is a good 2 million or more over what he’s worth. Matthews is not McDavid and although he isn’t overpaid by much he’s still a bit overpaid. Tavares never should have been signed. I like him but you can’t pay two centres 11 million plus a year. Nylander’s deal is the only one that’s good.

Now onto more stupid management of money… signing Mrazek was beyond stupid. Should have went after a cheaper goalie knowing Campbell’s contract only had one more year. Overpaying Rielly next year is only going to kill our cal even more. We have to find a way now to move Muzzin or Brodie. Kerfoot isn’t overpaid but I’d love to have Kadri as a second line centre for a few million less than Tavares makes.</div></div>

So many hind sight Henry’s on this site… like u can’t tell me when JT was signed u were like “that was a dumb decision… why would they sign a top 10 C in the league while he’s in his prime?”. In terms of Marner, he should have taken the 10mx8 that was offered but 900k is not a ball busting amount of money. And too your second point Ritchie is gone so idk why u still talking about that. Mrazek is easily moveable in the off-season, never really like the signing either tbh. But ur whining for the sake of whining. Bet u were praising Dubas when the leafs were rolling into December. Campbell will get back to form and everything will be fine. No need to panic brother.
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