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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SlevinKalevra</b></div><div>Hitch and Bowness had TG written all over it. TG being behind the Hitch signing was actually a confirmed fact if I remember correctly. Hard to not keep Bones around after he took the team to the finals. We all know he just rode Monty’s work there but it’s still not a good look to fire somebody in a results driven position after getting good results. Nill hired Monty, Ruffles, and DB. Get yo facts straight boo. And Nill replaced plugs like Glendening and Kivi with useful players this past offseason so your older players argument is shaky as well. Kisses</div></div>

I mean Suter is still here isn’t he? Glendening was arguably a bigger leader than Suter, same goes for Comeau (who had an A on his jersey and was considered a vital part of the locker room), both players as bad as they were, didn’t make me lose more braincells than Suter. I could probably list a bunch more guys if I really looked into it. Nobody is perfect, and I like Jim Nill as much as the next guy (he’s had an amazing offseason, always finds a way to male it look easy), but the reason he’s keeping Suter is because, for some reason, he genuinely believes he’s good (which is far from the truth).

Apart from the Suter situation, Nill has done a flawless job, and I won’t attack him for moves that are regarded as bad now, opposed to back then (big contracts given to players who back then deserved it). But facts be facts, from day 1, the Suter signing was awful, and it’s still awful to this day.
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