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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EsoYeezus69</b></div><div>Hot takes for next year:

1. Blake Comeau signs a PTO with the Jets, first practice, Scheifele nails him like he did to Evans and Comeau's career ends there. After that <strong>Cheveldayoff hires Bowness as the new head coach</strong>, bringing him to end his coaching career where he started it. Soon after, he hires Comeau as his assistant coach/right hand man. They immediately start bullying Scheifele by not playing him much minutes (EV and PP), he requests for a trade not long after and is traded to some random team like Columbus joining his buddy Laine. After that they finish dead last and get to pick Bedard which he replaces Scheifele, Bones retires and Comeau takes over as head coach, soon after Bedard quits the team and signs with some random team like the Jackets and joins his former Jets buddies.

2. Cole Caufield wins a fight.

3. Johnston finishes 5th in Stars scoring and is in the top 3 for the Calder.

4. William Nylander has more PIM than Milan Lucic.

5. Kaprizov wins the Rocket Richard and is a nominee for the Hart.

6. Gurianov busts out and scores 30 goals, and finishes 6th in Stars scoring.

7. Without Bowness, Miro explodes in production and gets nominated for the Norris, but loses it by 1 vote to Makar.

8. Some grit grinder like Boucher is picked in the top 15 by a team that's considered good at drafting.

9. The Stars make the playoffs by the slimmest of margins with a them having 1 more GF them the team next to them, that goal was scored by none other than Jake Oettinger.

10. Arizona finally relocates to Houston.

11. The Flyers sign Chara to replace Yandle.

12. Yzerman doesn't laugh in your GM's face :laugh :laugh :laugh.

13. Guerin trades Fiala to the Kraken for some odd reason, and fleeces them by getting their pick this year plus other small assets.

14. The Wild fan with 1 million accounts will become like another famous CF user and start using this: :laugh. Guerin laughs in your face :laugh, will be the new Wild slogan.

15. Mike Smith pulls the lacrosse move on Zegras.</div></div>

👀 call me houdini, I finally didn’t jinx something.
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