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Mar. 29, 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roscoe</b></div><div>Seattle would take Haag, Laughton first. to take JVR they would need a sweetener

As much as I would love to have Jones that package is not getting it done. If Jones was a Flyer is that the kind of package you would want from Columbus?

Vancouver trade is interesting but I just don't know that much about Brock to know if he is an upgrade

At this point Id rather have Ghost than Risto, at least he's cheaper

Love the Calgary trade, I think they would do it but would want salary retention and/or Patrick Nolan

No need to trade Braun, he's cheap and a great locker room guy and very serviceable</div></div>

I don’t doubt that there might need to be a sweetener but JVRs performance last year (63 point pace) and their need to get to the cap floor on a short term deal with a higher cap than actual money might be intriguing to them. For a new team, a guy that you can count on to score 25+ goals is valuable.

As far as Jones, CLB is limited on who they can trade him to. And it doesn’t help that he is forcing their hand. Columbus is in a rough spot and won’t get full value for Jones.

I would say that Boeser is an upgrade but Vancouver needs to pay Pettersson and Hughes this offseason and then boeser next OS so they might want a similar player with cost certainty. TK is also Bo Horvats cousin ( for whatever that’s worth)

I think Risto is intriguing. He might thrive when not shouldering the load in BUF and being on a bad. We also need more physicality on the back end. We have York if we need more offense.

I don’t think the Calgary trade is that far off. I would only retain 1M at most but Voracek has been very consistent. Both players need a change of scenery. And both teams need a shakeup.

I didn’t want to trade Braun. I think he is valuable but I just don’t trust Either Braun or Myers with 2nd pair minutes and I chose to keep Myers. Braun at 1.8M to be 7D is too expensive expensive for me
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