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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>It isn't anti- Bowness rhetoric as you put it, its just the fact he's sooooo much like Maurice that many are resigned to the fact they're likely going to be essentially watching the same team doing the same thing probably getting a few more wins as they'll tighten up a bit defensively under a new coach much like they did when Maurice was new but will fall short cause they're not built to win games 2-1 nor are they good enough.

Idk how many fans there were that thought Maurice was the sole reason for this teams failures. For me I never bought what he was selling but in the last two to three years also knew they just weren't good enough in certain parts of the lineup.

Not trying to defend Chevy but apparently he's tried to sign some guys, namely Jarnkrok and Heinen but they both chose other teams so he has been trying to improve the team and support the new coach but hasn't had any success in convincing guys to sign with the Jets. Just looking at what you did here there's a good chance it'd be blocked by Faksa or Khudobin's trade protection.

Again, not trying to defend Chevy but we have no idea how much influence Chipman has on day to day hockey stuff, maybe Chevy wanted to rebuild and Chipman said no.

Anyway when this team likely falls short I highly doubt Bowness will be the fall guy, if anything it'll be the deciding factor for even the most passive fans that this team just isn't good enough when they see essentially the same group fall short under yet another coach. Some things that might get Bowness some justified criticism is if he does what Maurice did which was doing the same things over and over again with his lines even when they weren't working and playing vets instead of or higher in the lineup than more talented players, Maurice did that often and Bowness was doing that in Dallas just this past season with Gurianov, if he does that and they're not winning way more than they're losing the criticism of him will be more than justified, saw so much of that garbage with Maurice, hope to never see it again.</div></div>

I agree with most of what you’ve said. I also think they’re nervous about a rebuild but I know Jets fans love this team and will stand behind it. There are far less stable markets doing rebuilds. Ottawa is just coming out of one and they’re hardly the most stable market. Arizona is in one but we also all know why they’ve survived.

I think Bowness played veterans over younger players because Dallas was in a playoff hunt. Capfriendly users overrate young players. Most of them are not useful in the postseason.